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Client Love…

Kathie and Paul are an inspired and inspiring team.

Kathie’s knowledge and experience with bio-feedback was amazing. Through this technique our bodies ‘alarmed’ in several areas that we are now working on through our diet and daily routines. Our overall health is improving, as are our sleep patterns and feelings of well-being. Interestingly, during our sessions, several of our 5 dogs were drawn to the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation energy from the iMRS mat and curled up for a nap underneath the massage table for a treatment of their own – a huge bonus for us !

Then there was Paul. As Kathie worked with the stressors in our bodies through the bio-feedback, Paul began working with his loving energy. Within a few moments, Paul identified blocks that we weren’t aware that we had with Quantum-Touch and Matrix Energetics. With kindness and compassion Paul worked his magic to open up places inside of us that changed us somehow. Our energy began to flow more freely and our hearts opened up in profound ways. We know that when we change those around us change, and we witnessed what can only be described as miracles unfold in our lives within days of our time spent with Paul and Kathie.

Geoff & Jan
Geoff & JanVictoria, B.C. Last Chance Dog

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