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At Quantum Life, our focus is on healing through a variety of methods that change our bodies energetically to help change the realm of vibration where you heal yourself. “Energy” healing is a non-invasive intervention of dis-ease, where you do not disturb the body, but go to a higher level of cause, to effect change – the realm of vibration – reached through entertainment.

Quantum Physics is proving that everything we can see is built upon a matrix of subtle energy that seems to be controlled by consciousness – what that means is, our thoughts are affecting everything! Everybody lives within a field of energy. And since, in fact, everything is energy – energy that is vibrating at a particular frequency to the point that it “creates” on the “physical plane” – and our bodies are no exception to this rule, we can change our bodies energetically.

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“Kathie’s knowledge and experience with bio-feedback was amazing. Through this technique our bodies ‘alarmed’ in several areas that we are now working on through our diet and daily routines. Our overall health is improving, as are our sleep patterns and feelings of well-being.”
Geoff & Jan Victoria, B.C. Last Chance Dog

Kathie and Paul Scott are Quantum-Touch® L1, L2 and Self-Created Health Instructors & Practitioners - to find out more about Quantum Touch, click here.