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At Quantum Life, our focus is on healing through a variety of methods that change our bodies energetically to help change the realm of vibration where you heal yourself. “Energy” healing is a non-invasive intervention of dis-ease, where you do not disturb the body, but go to a higher level of cause, to effect change – the realm of vibration – reached through entertainment.

Quantum Physics is proving that everything we can see is built upon a matrix of subtle energy that seems to be controlled by consciousness – what that means is, our thoughts are affecting everything! Everybody lives within a field of energy. And since, in fact, everything is energy – energy that is vibrating at a particular frequency to the point that it “creates” on the “physical plane” – and our bodies are no exception to this rule, we can change our bodies energetically.

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Satisfied Customers

“Kathie’s skills as an Energy Healer are quite different than Paul's - a free-flowing wave moved through my body; quite pleasant and transformative. We also purchased the Omnium PEMF mat through Kathie and our overall health is improving, as are our sleep patterns and feelings of well-being - quite remarkable!”
Geoff & Jan Victoria, B.C. Last Chance Dog

Kathie and Paul Scott are Quantum-Touch® L1, L2, SuperCharging and Self-Created Health Instructors, Mentors & Practitioners - to find out more about Quantum Touch, click here.