What IS Quantum-Touch®?

Quantum-Touch-1-450x382How do we explain Energy Healing? It almost defies description if you have never experienced it. 

Quantum Touch is an energy therapy that is based on the principles of resonance and entrainment that is profoundly effective!  This subtle energy healing modality uses an eloquent series of breathing techniques to create a high-energy field (resonance) that the Quantum Touch facilitator focuses toward an area of the body to be “healed”.

Through the innate biological wisdom of the subject’s body, lower frequencies will rise up to match (entrain to) the higher frequency field generated by the facilitator – since this is how the healing occurs, it is clear that the “healer” is the one receiving the energy! Even chronic conditions can be dramatically changed in as little as a single session. This is a truly extraordinary modality which must be experienced to be believed.

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