Session Fees

Trans-Personal Therapy with Paul Scott

  • 90-minute session – $150

Quantum-Touch® only with Paul Scott

  • 60-minute session – $100
  • 30-minute session – $60

Powerhouse “Banquet” Session with Paul Scott

  • $250 for a minimum 2.5-hour Combination Session with Paul Scott – these sessions are life-changing! – and include Quantum-Touch, Quantum Sound & Light Therapy, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, and may also include aspects of the Emotion Code and Self-Created Health.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your appointment, as once we are into a session it may require extra time to complete…then again, you may finish on time…we just like to ensure we have the time to fully complete each process we have begun and completion time may be vary according to each session’s purpose.

You can accomplish a lot in just one session and much, much more in a series – we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.  It will become clear to you what you prefer after your initial session.

Online Payment

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