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If you’re a fan of fantastic local events, here’s what we’re getting up to in the coming months!


Cacao Journeys

Cacao Journey

Here we go again!

Prepare your intentions and open up to the unexpected.

Your favourite monthly gathering is finishing up 2019 with such glorious energy!
October 19th
November 11th
December 7th
December 31st

    Every Tuesday!     


Healing Circle

The best way to practice your healing skills! 

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm. 

To RSVP for address:

Text Kathie at 604-813-4543


Webinar from India

Journey into Happiness

Our Journey has been greatly enhanced by our teachers from India, and we are now offering their monthly webinars ~ Journey into Happiness ~ September’s focus is on Happiness and Wealth!

~ September 25, 2019 ~

Next Month it’s a Thanksgiving Celebration!

~ Sunday, October 13th, 2019 ~

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison


Universal Love

It is the Journey of the GREATEST optimism of all – UNIVERSAL LOVE – and the Gift that will bring us to our only authentic goal, of True Enlightenment.

Eat, Pray, Love…

In actual fact, the t-shirt reads…”Eat, PAY, Leave”!

And that IS what we did! Eat, Pay and (finally!) Leave…

And it wasn’t easy leaving! There is a phenomenon that happens when you go to Bali ~ it can pull you in like quick sand ~ and you’re unable to leave the enchanting Bali!

And that is why the poor dear island is in peril today ~ it is being loved to death!

The Pressure of Time

Around we go…ChristMass just around the corner… so fast! Yet, not even Hallows Eve! The wheels go round and round and round, just a teeny bit quicker, it seems, every year…

How are you feeeling?

What we’re seeing in ourselves, and those around us, is rapid transit!

Who stepped on the gas?! Time is flying by! Who ordered all the personal work? Rapid transit indeed!

The Blessing of Breathwork

Well, one of the certainties of life is change. It’s pure bliss when a change occurs that shifts our life towards the “better” and gives a reprieve from thinking. Even one moment ~ its enough to know that its how we are meant to be. Always.

A dear member of our Quantum Family Circle has released her beloved spouse back to his Creator and we know it felt too early for that journey, but we just don’t know what the whole plan is, sometimes, and we’ll see how that sits. For now, the change feels raw and rough. Our hearts ache.

No matter how prepared we are for a change, it just never seems to fully land…the impact…until it actually occurs, and we realize that nothing could ever prepare us for certain moments…no matter from how far back we see it coming.

Integrating “Breatharianism”

Well, it has been quite a year-end! Wow.

Many have asked how we’re doing after the “Breatharian” Pranic Living Retreat in Ecuador. Well, we’re still drinking liquids only, to bring our bodies to a “reset” point after the 4-Day Dry Fast. And still assimilating everything that happened on this adventure.

But isn’t it always the way, that after you buy/do/want something…

The Universe Always Supports You

In a world built on competition, it is brave indeed to let go and let yourself FEEL all the HOPE you need to! All the TRUST you can! All the LOVE that’s yours! I LOVE how the Universe brings me everything I need! Right on time!

The Gift

How interesting…. the time between newsletters is getting longer and longer… the events are getting stronger and stronger… and the realizations are coming so fast and furious that there seems nowhere to logically begin to share experiences!

What Is Letting Go?

So, how ARE you? How are you coping with what you’re seeing on TV, Facebook, Twitter, Whatever? Ya, me too. Just sorta/kinda holding my breath. All the time. Which made the Breathwork weekend especially timely. Trevor Yelich holds a very safe space, which made taking a really BIG breath a really good thing!

Are We Out Of Integrity?

This morning I read an article on Cultural Appropriation. An appropriate opinion from the writer in many ways, was that what white people are freely using in their everyday lives are objects First Nations people could have been killed for using, not all that long ago. And what a macabre thing that is.

And I do agree. I do.

Ignite your journey


Quantum Touch uses breath and body awareness techniques to achieve a state of optimal health.  It can be used as a practice for one’s self or as a catalyst to help others heal.  Our Cacao Journey meditation – Anahata – takes you through the 12-Chakra system used by Quantum Touch with 108 rounds of Breath for each Chakra – a tour de force through the Chakras!

Quantum Touch is brilliant on its own, but we have found that it also pairs powerfully with all other healing modalities

Quantum Touch Level 1 – Nov 30/Dec 1, 2019

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It’s our passion to create experiences for higher states of awareness.  One of our favourite ways to do so is through consciously connecting the Breath.  Different than our Anahata meditation in the Cacao Journey, Quantum Life Breath is a free-flowing, yet guided and supported Breath Journey.

Life-altering private Breathwork with Paul at 604-813-2206 or email for an appointment.

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MEDITATION & Energy healing

It’s our passion to create experiences for higher states of awareness.  One of our favourite ways to do so is through guided meditation.  Our collection will be growing in the months to come, so join our newsletter if you want to get access to them first!

We meet every Tuesday from 7-9pm for Reflections, Meditation and sharing Energy Healing together.

RSVP Kathie at 604-813-4543

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Cacao journeys

Cacao is such a magnificent medicine.  The traditional name Theobroma literally translates to “Food of the Gods”.  We host gatherings once a month to enjoy this sacred brew over a guided meditation; to open our hearts and elevate our minds.

Next Cacao Journey is October 19th!

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