Quantum Life is the umbrella for the lifework of Kathie & Paul Scott

Their mission is simple…

“We exist to create genuine heartfelt connections with ourselves and our communities for the development of rich and fulfilling lives.  Happy people make a happy planet.”



Energy Healing is the core of our passion. It is what we’ve practised professionally for over 15 years – it’s our Vocation and our Calling. To date we have led almost two hundred Quantum-Touch workshops and held space for countless Healing Circles and Meditations, in Canada, Bali, USA, Mexico and Spain.

We landed in Quantum-Touch through the process of elimination – and as we explored, we found many modalities left out the simple, yet profound, combination of breath, intention, attention, resonance and entrainment, that is like a trampoline into aspects of self, in the most gentle way, and that gifts, in our experience, massive insights – a foundational piece in all healing.

Quantum Touch married itself to so many other “keepers” we found on our quest for a solid foundational base in the world of effective healing… and from all of that, we have created an “experiential” practice, as that is our preferred way, and invite those who are entraining to that to join us in this Quantum Life of exploring and experiencing the Energy of Everything, and finding our own unique thread in that Field…

A cornerstone of our experience has been the study of the Breath. Is there a more profound aspect of life on this planet than breathing? We think not…

The essence of Quantum Touch is in the Breath. Coupling the use of breath with all the aspects of energy “healing” is an ancient practice, and the breath, coupled with the techniques of QT, is truly an ancient art, reborn at this time for the Quantum Field we are now in. Bringing together all of our own experiences in Sound, Movement, Quantum-Touch, Oneness, Matrix Energetics, Dr. Joe, Reconnection, Pranic Healing, etc., etc, has led us to our own uniqueness – the expression of our resonance, at this time, as guides on the side, led with a love for all of humankind, to offer the service of “the experience” to those who will grow that way better than any another…

Along the way, we created a Chakra/Breath Meditation using an ancient method of focusing on the Chakras and the Breath from the Oneness University in India, expanded to include the 12-Chakra system as taught in Quantum-Touch, brought through Lazarus, a well-known channel in the USA. East meets West.

Anahata (Sanskrit name for the Heart Chakra) has been a cornerstone in our practice, and we added the heart-opening properties of yet another ancient technology, Cacao – totally optional, definitely effective. For the Autumn Solstice of 2018 we created a setting for 250 people to experience the Anahata Cacao Journey at the Vancouver Planetarium – with Cacao! Following Anahata, we were graced with Healing Mantras, with Jerry DesVoignes and Duncan Hogg – it was transcendantly epic! What a resonance!!!

And it is Jerry on the Tabla, counting the 108 rounds of Breath for each Chakra, and chanting the Chakra Mantras, on Anahata – all done live; no looping on the 108 rounds… and if you really listen, you can faintly hear Paul pacing the meditation with his Breath, adding his love to the entire meditation. I truly love these two devoted men and their service here on this planet, at this time…we are so fortunate to have them holding this energy for Us All.

So, as we can see, we are all a compilation of so much, and our dissemination of all of it, and all of the meaning we give that, is our Life. The story of our person, wading through the mysteries of Life, looking for a meaning that warms our heart and brings peace to our existence in this Realm, this reality – that is really all we are doing here…

The essence of all of our experiences and what we’ve made them mean are present in every moment now, as nothing we truly take in “here” is ever “lost” – and since we are an amalgamation of all of our life’s experiences, we rejoice in all of it, and are truly grateful…

So, no matter what route we take, all healing, in essence, is energy healing…and we take great pleasure in sharing these practices within community.

May you find your path filled with Blessings on your Road of Happy Destiny…


We love Energy Healing Workshops, Breathwork, Cacao Journeys, Quantum Sound Voice Code Therapy, Family Constellations, Transpersonal Counselling, and everything in between!  We LOVE to create space for transformative experiences.

In 2017, we brought the Anahata Cacao Journey FULL EXPERIENCE to almost 300 people at the Vancouver Planetarium for Fall Equinox ~ we figured out how to make our Ceremonial Cacao for a large group, had our Cacao served by Medicine Shamen from Mexico, and closed the Breathwork Meditation under that planetarium “starlight” with Jerry DesVoignes’ Healing Voices ~ and it was a night to remember!

In 2018 we hosted the Cacao Journey you see in this photo at the Blessed Coast Festival, in Squamish.  Over 250 people, grounded in nature and community, breathing in sync to Anahata – what a feeling!

If you’re local to Vancouver, or not,  join our mailing list to see what’s coming up – Cacao Journeys are LIVE and on Zoom now! ~ and stay connected for opportunities to Gather…


Ever since we started incorporating state-of-the-art technology into our healing practice, we’ve noticed a significant shift in efficiency.

Our favourite investment, both in our practice and in our personal life, is Swiss Bionic Solution’s PEMF mat (seen in the picture to the right).  You can check them out on our <a href=””>PEMF page here.</a>

Modern ingenuity has introduced so many creative ways to invite healing frequencies into our lives, and we’ve developed a strong passion to do just that.

Kathie has personally been cured of sciatica since February 2011 using Swiss Bionic Solutions iMRSprime and Omnium PEMF Energy Mats, and in 2015, she and her associates blew open the West Coast of Canada for Swiss Bionic’s amazing PEMF device, and Paul and Kathie ended up on a European Tour of SBS’s entire operation!

If you’re curious, feel free to call Kathie at 604-813-4543.

Her new personal PEMF website ~ with “energy” perks for her tribe ~ will soon be public at:


Paul Scott is trained as a Trans-Personal Counsellor. Trans-Personal Counselling is a holistic, rather than a segmented, clinical approach, to talk therapy or counselling, which expands traditional theories of the psyche to include connecting and working with our Higher, Spiritual Self.

Paul has practised Trans-Personal counselling for over 20 years, and attributes much of his success to his multi-disciplinary studies in Energy, as well as his traditional coaching and counselling trainings.

As well as Mentoring and Instructing Energy Healing, Paul is certified in Family Systems, Family Constellations, and is a Numa Somatics Breathwork Facilitator. 

For Private Sessions, call Paul at 604-813-2206


We are the Wedding Officiants for Your Wedding, Your Way!

On June 10, 2006, we were married on Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii. It was an absolutely amazing day that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives!

Now, as University of Metaphysical Ministers, and members of the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Ministers, we are approved and licensed to marry by Vital Statistics Canada, and we take the greatest pleasure in doing so!

See our site for Weddings only at ~ better yet, call Kathie and see if we’re a fit for Your Wedding, Your Way, at 1-604-813-4543 ~ Many Blessings…

If you’re interested to learn more about our offerings, please stay and click around to your ❤’s content.