Natural Medicine To Open The Heart

One of the most unique properties of Cacao is that it activates hormones we feel when we fall in love or experience blissful relief.  Cacao is one of the only foods we know that contains the properties of Love.  It’s no wonder we use it to show our love on Valentine’s Day!

A Guided Group Meditation Designed To Elevate Your Being

Our ceremony uses an hour-long guided breath meditation guaranteed to get your energy moving. 

Anahata is designed to help elevate the body and mind to a state where it is easy to release emotional and physical toxins.

A Powerful Process for Reflection, Intention, and Manifestation

Sometimes the experiences that come from Breathwork are enough to, well, take your breath away! Connecting to yourself on that level, you can become an empowered catalyst for your life.  Consider this a night to do just that!

The Evening


5:30pm – 6pm

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 5:30pm.

An excellent time to become Present and set an Intention.


6pm – 8:30PM

We begin with a Sharing Circle when numbers allow.

We start with a Blessing, then Enter into  Meditation Together.


8:30pm – 9:30pm

We close with a brief Sharing Circle for anyone that would like to share their experience.



Single-Event Anahata “Cacao” Journeys (Cacao Optional!) POP up periodically between our 7-Day Deep Dives

which are scheduled quarterly, for the Equinoxes and Solstices…

Please sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be given plenty of notice…


Until we can meet freely in person, Cacao Journeys are on Zoom.  We will put up a Journey as it seems right and good for all, spontaneously, as we go…

For now, we know the following for sure:

Single Event Cacao Journey: To be announced…


Anahata “Deep Dive”  ~  7 Consecutive Days ~

~ By Donation ~


~ Spring Equinox ~ March 20th to 26th, 2022


~ Summer Solstice ~ June 19th to 25th, 2022


~ Autumn Equinox ~ September 18th to 24th, 2022


~ Winter Solstice ~ December 18th to 24th, 2022


Come for one, two, three… or for all 7 ~ its a REAL, DEEP Dive!

CACAO JOURNEYS have been Monthly and In-Person and that shifted and continues to do so….

In the mean time, we are Gathering online and having amazing experiences together.  We are still offering single-event Cacao Journeys periodically, and diving in deeply with the Anahata 7-Day Deep Dive during the Equinoxes and Solstices.

Please go to the Registration Page for Cacao Journey or Anahata to let us know you’re coming!  Links in the Newsletter for both.  Many Blessings.

If you have questions you can see some of our Frequently Asked Questions here.

These nights have been a saving grace for me in the past few years.  They not only help uncover the true roots of the challenges I’m facing in work and life but also help me release what I need to more forward in a healthy way.   Every time I come I have a new experience that unfolds parts of my self I rarely (or never) see.  The experience is hard to put into words…you just have to try!.

Adam Johnson

Age 26, Vancouver BC

I flew all the way to India for an experience like this! Who would’ve thought I’d find it here!? 

Chose to remain anonymous


Where is the journey located?

The location is disclosed in an email upon registration…

Should I eat before the journey?

We suggest you eat light throughout the day.  It is not necessary that you have an empty stomach before the journey but we find that it creates more room for the cacao to work its magic if you do.

Does the cacao get me high?

No, the effect of the cacao is so subtle that it is only felt when we attune our awareness.  We find it is the perfect catalyst for the meditation that follows; which certainly is capable of creating transcendent experiences 😉

What if I am allergic or do not enjoy cacao?

We would still love to experience the meditation with you! Honestly, the meditation is enough to knock your socks off ~ with or without the cacao.