Natural Medicine To Open The Heart

One of the most unique properties of Cacao is that it creates a physical response similar to when we fall in love or experience blissful relief!  Cacao has been called the “Food for the Shift” and in it’s “raw” form for Journeying, is one of the only foods we know that contains Anandamides, the neurotransmitter that enhances the “properties of Love” within…  No wonder it’s so popular on Valentine’s Day! Yet, the Cacao you receive in a Cacao Journey resembles not the chocolate from a bar or box!  Wonderful, powerful medicine…

A Guided Group Meditation Designed To Elevate Your Being

For our Cacao Ceremonies we created an hour-long guided breath meditation guaranteed to move and shift your energy!

Anahata is designed to help elevate the body and mind to a state where it is easy to release emotional and physical toxins.

A Powerful Process for Reflection, Intention, and Manifestation

Sometimes the experiences that come from Breathwork are enough to, well, take your breath away! Connecting to yourself on that level, you can become an empowered catalyst for your life.  Consider this a night to do just that!

The Evening


6:45 – 7:30-pm

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 6:45pm.

An excellent time to become Present, settle in, and set Intention.


7:30pm – 10pm

We begin with a Sharing Circle… then we Bless Our Gathering and Mama Cacao, and Enter into Meditation Together.


10pm – 11:30pm

We close with a brief Sharing, then mingle in the Field, and have some good food and conversation…



We have begun offering Live Cacao Journeys again in Vancouver ~ so far, monthly, more frequently if the need is felt…

Our Anahata Cacao Journey is offered online quarterly during the Equinoxes and Solstices…

Please sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be given notice with details… everything is shifting again, gratefully!


Cacao Journeys have been wonderful on Zoom ~ especially when that was our only option! 

And, we are happy to be hosting Live Cacao Journeys again, and we will find space to include our Zoom FamJam, as we have made some good friends far away…

NEXT Cacao Journey is…

Solstice!  Wednesday, December 21st, at 7:30pm ~ Live & Zoom ~ Please Register or RSVP to Kathie at 604-813-4543

Saturday, December 31st at 7:30pm ~ Live in Vancouver, Canada


Let’s wrap this year UP!

CACAO JOURNEYS have been Monthly and In-Person for many years, which shifted with 2020, and continues to do so….

Over the last few years we all adapted with as much Grace as possible, and it feels like we’re shifting again….

In this massive global murmuration, we learned to Gather online and create amazing experiences together.  Thank  you so much for being a part of our ever-morphing Offerings as we found our feet in all the changes…

We are now offering Live Cacao Journeys monthly again, and continuing to hold space for our Online family – changing and shifting as we go…

We offer Anahata during the Equinoxes and Solstices, and during the past couple of years, have done 7-Day Deep Dives!  What brave hearts we all have ~ and it brought us all through some challenging times…

Bless you all for your courage and love…

We are gradually revising our website to reflect our Live and Online offerings, as they have changed again, recently…

Info, details, links, etc., will be sent out in the Newsletter for both Online and Live ~ thank you for your patience while we gather the Quintessence and Coherence for our next “incarnation” ~ and Many Blessings to you!

You are welcome to text Kathie at 1-604-813-4543 if you have any questions, and you can also see if they are answered in some of our Frequently Asked Questions here.

These nights have been a saving grace for me in the past few years.  They not only help uncover the true roots of the challenges I’m facing in work and life but also help me release what I need to more forward in a healthy way.   Every time I come I have a new experience that unfolds parts of my self I rarely (or never) see.  The experience is hard to put into words…you just have to try!.

Adam Johnson

Age 26, Vancouver BC

I flew all the way to India for an experience like this! Who would’ve thought I’d find it here!? 

Chose to remain anonymous


Where is the journey located?

The location is disclosed in an email upon Registration… or you can text Kathie directly at 1-604-813-4543 with your RSVP and ask for location details…

Should I eat before the journey?

We suggest you eat lightly throughout the day.  It is not necessary to have an empty stomach before a Cacao Journey, in fact, unless you’re accustomed to Fasting and understand that you very well may have a deeper experience with ShaMama Cacao because of Fasting, we recommend you DO have somethinga few hours before, or in an appropriate time that is comfortable for YOUR metabolism, prior to the Journey.  Leaving a little time between food and Cacao may create more room for the Cacao to work its magic…

Does the cacao get me high?

No, the effect of the cacao is often so subtle that it is only felt when we Attune our Awareness.  We find it is the perfect Catalyst for the Anahata 12-Chakra Breathwork Meditation that follows; it can depend more on your state of body/mind/spirit as to the Relationship Cacao will have with you on your Journey.  Anahata is capable of creating transcendent experiences, with or without Cacao, and even a small serving, truly just a few sips, can be all that you need for your Cacao Journey 😉

One Note:  The Cacao we drink is of the highest grade of Ceremonial Cacao – Keith’s Cacao! – and with all of the natural properties of Cacao intact, anyone using a medication of any kind that regulates Serotonin will need a very small serving for an experience, and may simply choose to Experience ShaMama through their Fellow Journeyers…

What if I am allergic or do not enjoy cacao?

We would still love to experience the meditation with you!

Honestly, the meditation is enough to knock your socks off ~ with or without ShaMama Cacao ~ and there will be plenty Others in the Room drinking, who will Create a Field with Her that you will experience too…

Also, many find the bitterness of Ceremonially prepared Cacao is too much for their pallette, and temper their intake accordingly…

As well, if you are highly sensitive to caffeine you may find that the Theobromine in Cacao could mimic caffeine’s buzz for you ~ those at this level of sensitivity know who they are ~ and, it is also reassuring to know that, Keith’s Cacao has a mere trace of caffeine compared to many other brands of Ceremonial Cacao.