A Whirlwind of Living!

A Whirlwind of Living!

Newsletter ~ July 17, 2019

So long since I connected here!  We have been in a whirlwind of the living of Life!  An absolute banquet of connection…what a feast!

And not because it seems that there is always “more to do” but because the subtle nuances of just everything is so much richer than ever!

The synchronistic flow of time and relationships is creating massive leaps of Awareness of Love and how Forgiveness is just rushing into every opportunity with glee!

Whether conduit for another’s forgiveness or for a piece of my own that has been lodged in my soul for a seeming eternity, the Grace and Beauty is so sweetly soothing. 

So welcome, these SHIFTS of perception, that release an old hatred, heal an ancient wound.

My daughter and I have been on an EPIC Journey together – I’ve spoke here about the relentless pace of our growth as MamaBear and SaydeBaby – two strong women!

And I am so pleased so deep within that we have made it to a resting station on the incredible pilgrimage through the wounds programmed into our roles here on this planet and have returned to that original love.  Incomparably precious love.

And the process began with forgiving my mother.  Just realized, one day, that she loved me.  And that I do love her too.  And that I want and need that love more than I want to hold onto the wounds we gathered in the living of this Life! 

Yes, its a beast of a feast, this Life!  So incredibly delicious when its ON.  An endless dark night when something seems to have gone sour.  And that’s just the way it is.

Sayde and I connected with my mother for a little while.  I told her how much my mom had loved her.  And we held my mother, invited her into our healing space to share in the love we hold so dear.  We all made it through our wounds.  Together at last.

We have a delightful young man visiting us who we met on the Breatharian Adventure to Vilcabamba, Ecuador last November.  He’s exquisite, really.  And I was able to step in for his MamaBear, and let her love him – look into his eyes, and hold him again, from the depths of the Universe.

It ALL had to happen, just like it did.  For everyone to get exactly what they needed.

So grateful for the synchronistic flow of time, of the shifting of relationships, of the leaps into the arms of love, and for forgiveness just rushing in!

Our young friend, Sasha, is doing a talk this coming Quantum Life Tuesday at (BE) Bridge & Enrich – 6:30pm-9:30pm.  Email or text me for more details.

THIS is my NEW favourite Sasha video – https://youtu.be/4rk3aIVVcE0
This weekend, we Breathe Saturday at BE from 11am to 3pm.

Sunday, we Family Constellate with Jan Hull – oh boy, this is gonna be a doozey.  Father’s Day.  Last one was on Mother’s Day :0

And we have a Solstice Cacao Journey on June 22nd (despite the incorrect date below – couldn’t get the pdf to jpg thingy to work tonight.)

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
How I DO love thee…

How I DO love thee…

Newsletter –

Wow.  Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.  Geez.
Apparently, even when Mercury is no longer in retrograde, there’s a nice tail to it, that can linger for many daze, perhaps a coupla weeks, or more…

This is all I can imagine has ramped up the churning within, and the circumstances around, Me and My Little World.

Discombobulated through a vast frustration with technology (ALWAYS a great catalyst!) along with many, many other clusters of irritation, which have collected into a gob of rage, an internal boiling point, which is also aggravated by pithy sayings offered by the smug who somehow seem immune to this particular “show” at this particular time….

Bewildered around what I may have DONE, maybe HAVEN’T done, SHOULD do, or maybe SHOULDN’T be doing – and the all too-familiar pattern that always doesn’t SEEM to be at the bottom of it all, BUT IS, starts to rise to the surface.  Again.  Geez.  Really?

Anyone else out there with me in this pot of soup?  Anyone remember how to get out?!

And coming round to the awareness that I’m IN a pot AND the stirrer of the pot.  Again. There’s not nearly as much in that pot as there used to be.  And that is a good thing. And, not such a good thing.  And even if I have all guns pointed OUT at the illusion of what I’m creating, the darn thing is STILL an internal gig and there’s STILL no way OUT, but IN.

You may be scratching your head, thinking “Gee, doesn’t she KNOW that yet?”  Yes, I DO.  And I’m here to tell you that it sneaks up and you’re IN IT before you know it, and ALMOST NOTHING OR NO ONE OUT THERE can get you out, till its DONE.

And if those around you are NOT in it, in that particular moment, they have TOTALLY forgotten they were a “Whiner on Life” not that long ago.  And EveryOne whines.  Yes, they DO!  Some are SO good at camouflaging it, you’re not sure you’re getting whined on, but those like me, are as obvious as the nose on the face!  And the “sneakers” can make their whine look like YOURS when they’re done!  “Wha? How did THAT happen?” you MAY think.

We can hardly help ourselves! But, we can!
And as you go deeper into that pot of goo – that’s made specially FOR YOU and BY you – the fire blazes as intently as ever, as the knobs on this stove are well-hidden, like in a European AirBNB, and even though there is LESS in the pot, it is DENSE.

Like a “reduction” of all your “specialness”.  Hehehe…
I look back to the early days of opening to self-awareness and see my pot was SO FULL of stuff – ISSUES! LOTS of OPINIONS, lotsa STORIES – real good SOUP! – but also PLENTY of room to whip STUFF around in the pot without me even realizing its almost boiling OVER.

Now, looking into that pot is like poking my head into a pressure cooker – heat just about peels your skin off!  And its a GOOD THING!  Say THAT gleefully.  “ITS A GOOD THING!””

Sure as HELL does NOT feel like it when the steam from that reduction of my specialness is crisping my brain.  And I’m SO HURT by it that I can’t even SEE it IS a GOOD THING.

It just SUCKS.  Gratitude for growth gets the middle finger.

So then what?  Ugh.  Hateful.  Hurt.  Hiding.  Horrified.

Well, this time, I stuck my head RIGHT INTO THE POT.  I said my nasty bits of heartache out loud, but with a bit of a twist…I really, REALLY, REALLLLY looked HARD at my unhappiness and what part of it IS MY RESPONSIBILITY.

And it came back to an old idea I hadn’t thought about for a bit but was showing up in the “reduction” and that is “Taking Your RIGHT OF WAY”.  Ever been at a 4-way Stop and all of the drivers are waving all of the other drivers to GO because no one is actually sure what to DO?  You go, no, you go, no, YOU go… Then everyone goes.  Then everyone blames.

Another look at it is from the perspective of “MAKE your no, “NO!” and your yes, “YES!”  The mind just LOVES to second-guess you till you’re so screwed up with the “what ifs” that any choice is so bound up in expectations and so far from your inner integrity that its scary – like a ride on Disney’s Tower of Terror!  And the ground under you is GONE.

What science is saying they KNOW, is that the magnetic field lines of our planet and of our bodies, are ORGANIZED like guitar strings that vibrate to the Solar Wind and we WILL be affected by that blowing, and that the coherence of our HEART’S FIELD OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE is SO important when the solar activity is creating chaos, that we MUST DO WHAT WE CAN TO RETURN TO COHERENCE!

And that may just be GOING THROUGH IT and coming out the other end with a greater awareness so that the next time the wind blows a certain way, you’re not blown away with it!  And if it IS your TURN to deal with that gunk at the bottom of your pot of soup, breathe deeply and try to see your part and get back into coherence as quickly as you can.

And if you’re tempted to share your state with others, know they will be condescending if they AREN’T IN IT TOO and be a co-whiner WITH YOU (not always good, but can be helpful) if they ARE in it too!  Just the way it goes, till we up-level collectively….

AND be SURE to RE-MEMBER that you are NOT ALONE and that we are ALL taking turns and that there IS so MUCH to be GRATEFUL for, even when it feels like Life is a shit storm, and that all you may be capable of is not hurting yourself or another as much as you did the last time this storm blew through your yard, and if you fail epically at that, don’t shame yourself, but look for the deeper STUFF that you may be in and know that this is a TRUE REDUCTION.  Your Awareness is all it takes.  Love yourself FIRST and TAKE YOUR RIGHT OF WAY and make your Heart’s Yes ring out and stand FIRM in your NO with kindness.

We have SO many offerings to assist you in this process.  Breathwork and Family Constellation are high on a TO DO list of a real keener and so is the Cacao Journey.

And if you’re really stuck, make an appointment with Paul to stir the soup together.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
Oh, the programs we run…

Oh, the programs we run…

Newsletter ~ August 31, 2019

If you listen to the peeps with knowledge of “astrology” – the influence of the outer space and what’s IN it and how it washes us in waves of Existence that actually DO influence our existence here on THIS planet – you soon get the picture of the times we’re in and how, as we are hurtling through space ourselves, and that what’s happening around us “out there” is creating very interesting states here – we are “quickening” and change is everywhere.

Yet, feels like we’re in the hallway, between closed doors, waiting on a bench for an opening. And Time is different.  The pressure of being in a body – the literal PRESSURE, as gravity itself seems to be intensifying – squeezes us deeply into the space WITHIN.

And the absolute DENSITY of all that’s within is SHIFTING under this pressure!

Like coal, our transformation to the diamond dust we truly are is well under way.  Hip, hip hooray!

But seriously…are you feelin’ it?!

How I am observing this phenomenon in my own existence, is I am actually in the midst of REAL CHANGE!  Took forever to realize it for what it was.  So many old programs, and masks I wear for each program, coming up for the MOST INTENSE review! To SHOW ME that I can actually be different.  In AA, they talk about how we will “know how to handle circumstances which used to baffle us” and I am finally getting that download after 22 years of sobriety!

There are some primary programs – our lives are variations on a handful of themes endlessly rearranged so we don’t notice and think we’re unique – that come with activities of the mind!  The PROGRAMS.

And it is these programs that create the pressure…the pressure to individuate within the collective.  As we learn to do this over a lifetime, we hopefully become kinder to ourselves and others along the way.

I’ve struggled with this.  We all do.  Each with our own programs, our own unique pressures.  And “becoming conscious” is simply becoming AWARE of the activities of the mind and how its trying to take care of us!  But it is the HEART that knows how to do this!  Longest Journey ever taken – from the head to the heart.

And as we bring our heart-sense forward in our lives – usually through painful times with others, trying to honour our OWN SELVES – that the pressure of this pain brings us to these AWARENESSES.

Enough pain and you start to SEE it, become AWARE of how you are DEFENDING your uniqueness, at the cost of others who are in their own programs with their own internal pressures.

It’s at this point that we can choose to change.  And that choice often doesn’t show up right away – and “here I am again!” is the beat-up we love to do on ourselves. And then the guilt and shame programs roll out, and the reactions flare up, and away we go!

And then we roll back into our inner knowing that we have the RIGHT to BE and be exactly WHO WE ARE and we redouble our efforts.  And hopefully, with each step, we have the chance to bring in a little bit more kindness while staying true to ourselves.

And this ever-increasing Awareness/Awakening creates the pressure that brings us into our crystalline self – our TRUE self, our ORIGINAL self – as a creation of a planet composed of the Universe, a BEING of LIGHT.

My Lesson from the Golden Age Movement that is deepening for me now is “Becoming Conscious of Your Judgmental Nature” – and they point out that there is a difference between having proper judgment and being judge-MENTAL (my emphasis).

This activity of the mind has been my biggest this lifetime.  I have struggled to get into right relationship with others in a good way when my JUDGMENT escalates into being JUDGMENTAL because the internal pressure between pleasing others and pleasing myself – BEING myself – conflicts dramatically.

The process of assessing when you’re actually “off” and when you’re “bang on” is a long and winding road.  And there is a middle ground too, where the compassion for another tempers your “reaction” and brings you into a healthy response instead.

When you get to be YOU without shaming yourself, or anyone else.

We are dedicated to our own path, and love sharing what we find with you. Thank you for that opportunity.  Last Cacao Journey turned into a murmuration of Souls and we all just GREW right before each others eyes!

And our offerings are shifting – what we’re offering, how, and where.  Website morphing.  Again.

Never give up, Dear Friend.  Be vigilant with your mind and honest with yourself about how it may be running you.  And know too, that you are lovable EXACTLY as you are.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
Is that a Black Hole?! Or a Black Whole?!!

Is that a Black Hole?! Or a Black Whole?!!

Newsletter ~ September 19, 2019

Is that a Black Hole or a Black Whole?!!

Ever so grateful for the Expansion that is seeping into my Existence. I know you, and many others, are noticing this too – massive waves are moving through our Universe, taking us deeper and deeper into our Awareness of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss…

Got a real sense of this while listening to a discussion on Black Holes. Massive connecting of many dots.

Due to my short attention span, I didn’t mentally stick around for the whole chat, even if literally still sitting there. Or was I really still sitting there?! LOL!

Anyway, the theories around Black Holes are many and the credentials range from the Father of Science, Albert Einstein, to today’s brainiac on all of this, Nassim Haramein.

The vision this snippet of convo created for me was quite spectacular, to me anyway, and it all started with the image of our particular Universe – as there are many, apparently – being spit out of the “other side” of a Black Hole!

We’ve all heard about how a Black Hole sucks all matter into it – but where does it go?! What if it comes out on the other side as an ever-expanding spray of the tiniest of tiniest “particles” that gradually form themselves in Intelligence? How could it form any other way, when you REALLY THINK about the MAGNIFICENCE of it all – absolutely EXTRAORDINARY. The Human Body is EPIC EVIDENCE of this Magnificent Intelligence.

In Haramein’s TedTalk – The Connected Universe; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJsl_klqVh0 – the following explanation of SPACE is fascinating! Here goes!

Our body has 50-100 TRILLION cells and EVERY CELL has 100 trillion ATOMS, and EVERY atom has a proton INFINITELY smaller than the atom! And in between ALL of these “cellular elements” is SPACE. Known to scientists as VACUUM DENSITY.

So what we’ve come to consider “empty space” is actually FULL OF ENERGY! FUUULL of it! Even what we might consider SOLID – like an atom! – is 99.9999% SPACE!

WE ARE SPACE! With a little bit of “magnetic fluctuation” that we have identified as the MATERIAL world. And we think WE are defining LIFE! But WHAT is defining WHAT here? Clearly space ISN’T “empty” and we are over 99% SPACE! So SPACE defines US! Right?!

So, back to my vision of Creation As We Know It – the spray of ENERGY that flew out of a Black Hole that is STILL expanding (and has within It, ever MORE Black Holes!) – that began ALL of this that is known (and unknown!) to us. This isn’t easy to put into words though…so read this with YOUR VISION of Creation held loosely to see where we fit.

Remember, “my vision” only….

So, when the Matter coming from the Black Hole that Birthed our Universe started to fly, the Intelligence KNEW EXACTLY what it was creating from that very first mini-nano-second of time. Right down to ME writing this, and YOU reading this, RIGHT NOW.

And everything else that is going to happen for Infinity throughout this Universe.

How else can we explain the VAST KNOWLEDGE on this planet that came from thousands of years of OBSERVING EVERYTHING? We didn’t make it up ourselves, we SAW IT – WRITTEN IN THE SKY! Telescopes with magnitudes unimaginable are PROVING what Sages and Seers have been saying for EVER!

So back to the GRAND SPEW from the Mother Black Hole that made up our Existence.

What I saw was ALL of the particles flying to their Destiny – gathering together along the way, gradually collating into planets, gradually becoming significant enough to be caught in a Field, pulled into circling a Sun/Star, and finally creating GRAVITY, that holds Its Life IN and “Space” OUT.

A closed system. A system that Evolved Life within it – a spectrum of Existence that contains EVERYTHING – from the original specks of Existence – that we now carry in every cell in every body on Earth without exception. All of us, Little Black Holes.

And seeing this closed system – Earth – that we are Created FROM, is so humbling. Every Mother nourishes her “unborn” baby with food from this planet. We are grown FROM this compilation of Matter from Our Black Hole! And when we die, we give the body back to Her. But we’re so much more than this body!

We ARE the Existence, the MASSIVE Intelligence, the animators of Matter – all of it, from the OUTER SPACE ~ DENSE with CREATION’S ENERGY!

When we are drawn to CONNECT to SPACE – to the Intelligence that CREATED us EONS ago – it is a natural yearning to be WHOLE.

Yet, we are in these bodies. Separated by our own “atmosphere”. Why?!

So that Existence can experience itself within a body.

And so that the body can experience Existence.

We are within a magnificent organism, created by the minutest particles, that have existed since “our time” began. Existence ANIMATES our body with SPIRIT – the Incredible Intelligence that simply EXISTS, and always has, black hole after black hole.

This Spirit beckons us to be HERE NOW. In THIS moment – which is the ONLY MOMENT that there IS!

It has changed so much for me, this “vision”. It has helped me see the absolute preciousness of holding, and being held in the arms of, my Earthly Love. To see this skin I’m in as a transmitter of the Expression of Divine Existence, rather than a “barrier” of some kind to “real closeness”. To give the Energy I hold ~ All My Love.

To give permission to myself to DIVE SO DEEPLY into appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to BE HERE NOW.

To be HAPPY to be ALIVE and FLOWING in this stream of Awareness. To ABANDON my Self to LOVE. To be an expression of the Great Compassion, the Supreme Love.

To me, this is our Destiny here. Determined countless EONS ago. Inevitable and Kind.

I’ve come to realize that everything that I do, is to CONNECT with this Love.

Call it what you like – Universal Love, Nothingness, Infinity, The Divine, God, Life Force Energy – It is beckoning you to FULLY express It through the Uniqueness that is YOU.

Just BE It, as best you can. It will take care of All Else.

We Love all Ways of Enhancing our Connection. Our bottomless gratitude goes to the incredible DEEPENING of our connection to LOVE through the Golden Age Movement. Can’t say enough about how these HIGH END Energy Transmissions have EXPANDED our own efforts to Live in Love. Here’s a Contemplation from them:

“When you become truly ordinary, then even breath is extraordinary.”

Yes, it is an EXTRAORDINARY Existence, isn’t it?

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,
Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend,

Universal Love

Universal Love

Wow, finding the Gene Keys fascinating for such CLARITY on the true GRIT of the human condition!

This week, the Key in Illumination is the 25th, and with my birthday on Saturday, it’s my Life’s Work…

Universal Love – through the Gift of Acceptance – from the Shadow of Constriction.

Oh boy. Acceptance. With the dilemma of ANXIETY.

Going through all the material on the 25th to get a sense of what to say about this Key, ACCEPTANCE is showing itself to be a MAJOR spiritual passage.

For EveryOne.  All HUMANING pivots around Life through Acceptance. Or lack of it.

The difficulty of TRUE acceptance – of yourself, and others – relies on REAL OPTIMISM.  Which we crowd out of our awareness with the human dilemma of ANXIETY.  Anxiety IS.  We have it in our DNA.  It drives our existence here.  We have to get DOWN with it!

It’s why we follow the BREATH – to release the mind from the GRIP of THINKING and to give the body SPACE WITHIN for some relief from the Constriction of Anxiety.

The name for the 25th Gene Key in the iChing is INNOCENCE and the TRUST required to see our Selves and Others as Innocent – when we would rather contract into humanity’s ingrained, yet TAUGHT, way of dealing with our anxiety through SUSPICION of each other – is a massive Journey Home. 

It is the Journey of the GREATEST optimism of all – UNIVERSAL LOVE – and the Gift that will bring us to our only authentic goal, of True Enlightenment.

To BEcome Enlightened is to RETURN to the Innocence we also arrived here with – it’s the journey from Gautama to Buddha, from Jesus to Christ.  And we have no choice but to navigate this Journey with the MIND.  Until we don’t have to any more…

And the mind’s “best response” to anxiety is Constriction.  We stop BREATHING deeply!

And we know that the opposite of Constriction is GROWTH. 

So we GROW when we bring ANY understanding of our innate nature of KINDNESS and LOVE into the present moment when we are anxious and fearful.

Through efforts at UNDERSTANDING, we finally learn to ACCEPT what is.

A Gift of Grace.

And in the growth we can find the SPACE to let everyone off the hook. Even YOU!

And through this ACCEPTANCE, understanding becomes a part of the fabric of our BEingness here.

We get SPACE in places previously constricted – chest too tight for a deep breath? so many thoughts you can’t THINK? – that opens us up for something NEW to MOVE IN! 

Making way for the dissolution of anxiety and the constriction it brings!

But we have a dilemma – we want out of the ANXIETY of the present moment right NOW!  We’re riddled with the DESIRE for things to be DIFFERENT!  ALL THE TIME!

And we SUFFER!  And FLEEING from suffering just creates even more suffering! 

IF we ACCEPT the suffering with ANY new Awareness or Curiosity, we ROB the mind of the material to PROLONG or CREATE another suffering!  If we don’t participate with the mind, by rejecting or running away, the mind is FORCED to follow US!  We forget this!

And so we are asked to let in TRUE LOVE!  To FLOW with Eternity!  And with the 25th’s Programming Partner, the 46th, we can reach the Realms of Delight and Ecstasy!

By just breathing and letting what IS, BE.  Tat tvam asi ~ I AM THAT.  It is what it IS.

KNOW you ARE whatever you are thinking and feeling. When we take the CONFLICT of resisting WHAT IS out of the equation, and say to our wound “I accept you” and give it the space to EXIST, it can actually START to change!  This is how to bring change IN.

Even FEAR wants to be acknowledged.  “See me!” says Fear.  You know, there’s nothing to be afraid of EXCEPT Fear ITSELF!  Ever heard that one before?! Right?!

Whatever IS, LOVE IT!  Its Ground Zero.  Baseline.  Everything is always perfect.  Even that shit sandwich.  The fear and grief and terror of resisting LIFE.  Let it roll over you.

THAT is Earth Ecstasy.  Nothing to “get hung” about.  Strawberry fields forever.  He/She loves you, ya ya ya ya.  ALL of Existence loves you.  Make love with Existence.

The Return to Innocence is our birthright.  The flowering of your heart SUPPORTS the unfolding of your Unique Potential, the Realization of your Divine Nature.  Trust this.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
Kathie & Paul