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Distance Healing

Distance healing is a transfer of high vibrational energy that helps bring the body, mind, and spirit back into harmony.  Through the natural laws of resonance and entrainment, the inner healing-intelligence of the recipient is able to respond to the intention of the practitioner, and direct the energy exactly where it is needed,

How do we practice distance healing?

An energy healing practitioner can create a potent field of life force energy through attention, breath, and body awareness techniques.  This field can then be accurately guided to the recipient with heartfelt intention- travelling within the quantum frame of reality.


By phone, video, or gadget-free.  We can meet you anywhere, anytime.

For the most part, healing can occur as long as there is focused heartfelt intention.  It is not necessary for the recipient to attune to the practice if they are unable by their dis-ease (but it magnifies the process).  We are open to meet through any medium that is comfortable for you.


Meditations & Breathwork

The quality of one’s healing is directly related to the quality of one’s presence.  We have a host of meditations that we use to guide people into (or out of) their body- it’s only in these states that true healing can occur. 

Scalar Field Resonance

The true magic of these machines is baffling, but put simply- they’re little containers of precious metals, flower essences, noble gases, and copper coils that resonate with angelic sound to spread good vibes. 

Sound Therapy

We use a special piece of software that analyzes a recording of a voice and exports a pattern of audio that helps to re-tune the listener to a state of harmony.  We believe the success of this technology lies in the connection between our spechnoid bone and our vocal chords.  Feel free to contact us if you are curious to learn more! 

Transpersonal Counseling

Often times reaching the root of a struggle requires a lot of digging.  When we’re talking about physical and emotional pain, this kind of digging is a true art in Boundaries.  Clinical counseling etiquette is absolutely necessary in exploring these boundaries, and we are certified with 15 years of experience in this transpersonal counseling.


Kathie & Paul Scott share 15 years in the energy healing industry.  Since 2003 they have passionately practiced and taught various modalities to a global community.


Kathie’s journey into the healing arts began over 20 years ago as she embarked on a life-long path of sobriety.  The spark of this ambition set a fire to journey deep into the spirit of reality, to discover the source of her suffering, and to heal herself from the roots up.

Kathie is certified as a Quantum-Touch Instructor, a Metaphysical Minister, A Breathwork Facilitator, A Oneness Awakening Instructor, and the Queen of Cacao Journeys in Vancouver, BC.

Kathie and her husband Paul have facilitated hundreds of local events resulting in transcendental experiences for themselves and their community….it’s kind of what they do. 


Paul is a highly intuitive practitioner with an extensive background in a variety.  Paul’s passion for healing was largely influenced through his own inner journey of healing through a life-threatening illness and a struggle with addiction.

Paul is a trainer and teacher for Quantum-Touch International, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Metaphysical Minister, Transpersonal Therapist, Constellation and Breath-Work Facilitator.

With his wife Kathie, Paul has instructed over 70 Quantum-Touch workshops, Led 60+ Cacao Journeys, and continues to host a weekly healing circle for seekers and practioners alike to experience the profound effects of energy healing.


All it takes is a conversation.  Remember, our mission is to remind you of the vital life-force energy ever-available to you.  We know it’s there waiting…ready to guide you back to harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

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Stories in our experience

One client had cracked her collarbone in the United States and was x-rayed. After receiving a long distance healing session her pan subsided and when she arrived back in Canada 4 days later to be x-rayed again, the doctor- totally confused- informed her that her collarbone was pretty much healed. 

Paul Scott

A client called from a phone booth in Chile on the way to the emergency hospital. Being an ex-military person he had a high tolerance for pain but what he was experiencing was excruciating pain in the stomach region. Feeling something was drastically wrong he received guidance to call me. Within minutes the pain was gone and the paleness and sweating stopped. After that it never returned again.

Paul Scott

Once a client called paralyzed in bed with back pain and spasms. To her surprise, she was well enough to get out of bed and function in her day within an hour.

Paul Scott


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