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Kathie & Paul Scott


    • Bridge & Enrich Lives Society
    • 718 E 20th Ave
    • Vancouver,BC V5V 1N2

Bridge & Enrich


      • Every Tuesday


        • 7pm – 10pm


          • Suggested Donation $15


Are you curious about the world of energy healing?

There’s no better way to have an energy healing experience than our Quantum Life Tuesdays at Bridge & Enrich.  Whether you are looking for healing or looking to practice your healing, this atmosphere will serve you.

These evenings are ideal for you if you:

            • Have taken or are interested in taking a Quantum-Touch Workshop.
            • Have previous experience with any healing modality and would like to experience Quantum Touch.
            • Are looking to experience a group setting for meditation and releasing on the emotional or physical planes energetically.
            • Are interested in “healing technology” such as the PEMF mat or the Ajna Light.
            • Are looking to join a community of energy healers and holistic wellness practitioners in Vancouver, BC
            • Are just generally curious about the expansive and mystical world of the healing arts.
          • Each Healing Circle in the month is different! 
          • We start with a check-in/sharing circle, have a “meditation experience” and finish with Quantum Touch healing/sharing and a short closing sharing.
          • We rotate our offerings throughout the month:
          • 1st Tuesday is a sound bath with crystal instruments and drums
          • 2nd Tuesday is “Technology Tuesday” – the Ajna Light is incorporated into the meditation piece, sometimes we also bring a plasma device or PEMF mat; send a preference request via text to 604-813-4543 and we’ll do our best to bring your favorite toy!
          • 3rd Tuesday is Sound Healing with Jerry DesVoignes – an accomplished musician and vocalist, Jerry is also a Yogi and offers a wide range of sound healing.
          • 4th Tuesday is Oneness Blessing – we are Oneness Trainers and Blessing Givers and this form of energy transmission is distinct and powerful.
          • Every Tuesday is rounded off with a Quantum Touch healing session for all – to experience, practice and share.

No registration is required

All you need to do is show up!  The venue is a beautiful and wonderfully comfortable center on 20th Avenue at Fraser.  The space entrance is on Fraser St. and there is ample parking under 718 East 20th accessible around the corner on 20th.  Bring your whole heart, and be ready to fill it!