In 2023 we will offer a monthly healing Meetup ~ In-Person and On-Line ~ we’ll let you know all the details in a Newsletter.  Please sign up at the bottom of one of these website pages…

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Paul & Kathie Scott



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When connecting remotely, the Quantum Life Healing Circle is on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 614 177 910
Password: 195320

Quantum Life Healing Circles…

Over the last decade and more, we have had, at times, up to 3 separate locations for Circles every week! 

How things have shifted!

Led from our “comfort zone” into regular online offerings – and since energy healing is real, this is just as powerful as in person – we have transformed our offerings along with the rest of the world of Circles…

Understanding the power of meeting online, without the restrictions of travel or time, we are continuing to morph along and will offer a monthly Circle in 2023 that will be a HYBRID ~ TOGETHER, In-Person and On-line ~ and the true realization that “distance” healing is real!

See you soon ~ Live or in the Zoom Room…

Are you curious about the world of energy healing?

There’s no better way to have an energy healing experience than our Quantum Life Healing Circle!

Whether you are looking for healing or to practice your healing, this atmosphere will serve you.

These evenings are ideal for you if you:

            • Have taken or are interested in taking a Quantum-Touch Workshop
            • Have previous experience with any other healing modality and would like to experience Quantum Touch
            • Are looking to experience a group setting for meditation and releasing on the emotional or physical planes energetically
            • Are looking to join a community of energy healers and holistic wellness practitioners
            • Are just generally curious about the expansive and mystical world of the healing arts
          • We start with a check-in circle, have a “meditation experience” and finish with Quantum Touch healing/sharing and a short closing.