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Kathie & Paul Scott



  • Suggested Donation $15


  • Every Tuesday


  • Location is at a private residence, please contact us if you would like to join – text Kathie at 604-813-4543 to RSVP.


Are you curious about the world of energy healing?

There’s no better way to have an energy healing experience than our Quantum Life Tuesdays at Bridge & Enrich.  Whether you are looking for healing or looking to practice your healing, this atmosphere will serve you.

These evenings are ideal for you if you:

            • Have taken or are interested in taking a Quantum-Touch Workshop.
            • Have previous experience with any healing modality and would like to experience Quantum Touch.
            • Are looking to experience a group setting for meditation and releasing on the emotional or physical planes energetically.
            • Are interested in “healing technology” such as the PEMF mat or the Ajna Light.
            • Are looking to join a community of energy healers and holistic wellness practitioners in Vancouver, BC
            • Are just generally curious about the expansive and mystical world of the healing arts.
          • Each Healing Circle in the month is different! 
          • We start with a check-in circle, have a “meditation experience” and finish with Quantum Touch healing/sharing and a short closing.
          • We rotate other offerings throughout the month –> Sound Baths which include Crystal Bowls and Harp, and various instruments including gongs and drums.
          • We also incorporate the Ajna Light into the meditation piece, and sometimes we also bring a plasma device or PEMF mat, but every Tuesday is rounded off with a Quantum Touch healing session for all – to experience, practice and share.