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Paul & Kathie Scott




  • All of our offerings are in Canadian currency…
  • Early Bird ~ $475 + 5% GST
  • Regular Bird ~ $570 + 5% GST
  • Repeating Bird ~ $285 + 5% GST


Saturday & Sunday

November 19th & 20th, 2022

9am-5:30pm PDT


Zoom Room Link or Address sent in a separate email after Registration

Quantum Touch Level 2 ~ Virtual & Live

Awaken your inner power

Quantum Touch Level 2 just ZOOMS off from where QT L1 takes you!

This course expands on all of the principles of energy healing we learned in Level 1.  We work with the past and future and can rewrite many parts of our energetic life previously thought of as untouchable – but hey, we are talking QUANTUM touch, after all…

In this course you will learn:

  • The depth of your capacity for empathy and the effect that has on you and others…
  • How to find and heal traumas in “time lines”.
  • Take a deeper dive into the “extra” Chakras ~ 8-12.
  • How to work with the many sections of the brain for profound shifts in body and mind.  Give your brain a break ~ without breaking it!
  • How to dig deeply into parts of the body – muscles and tissues – to target the “untouchable” parts that can be at the root of chronic issues of the tissues!

Quantum-Touch Level 2 is a prerequisite for becoming a Practitioner…

To become part of the online community of practitioners on the Quantum Touch International website – www.quantumtouch.com – there is an outline of requirements on the site, but just quickly here, you will need two QT Level 1 (all QT workshops are repeatable indefinitely at half of the full-price fee) and one of either QT L2 or Supercharging or Self Created Health.

About the organizers

Paul and Kathie Scott have been practising and teaching Quantum-Touch since 2011.  They have stewed in many of the healing arts, and the event-production world, together for over 14 years now (and individually long before their grand romance began!) and it is their diverse palette of experiences within these Journeys that make their workshops so comfortable and unique.  The word on the street in Vancouver says it all…”There are workshops, and then there are workshops with Paul and Kathie.”