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Paul & Kathie Scott




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May 26/27/28/29, 2020

8am- Noon


Zoom Room with Registration

Quantum Touch Virtual Self Created Health

Safely take your clients through this “coaching” process to find the root of resistance!

As we work in the Energetic Field, we find that some issues “resist” every attempt by our Inner Healer to release the symptoms of trauma around some of our very deepest wounds ~ they either heal incrimentally, or after a successful release, return quickly ~ these are the anchors of the body that can cause everything to shift out of alignment.  In Self Created Health we get down to WHAT is really going on when this occurs and how to safely explore and release these stubborn snags!

In this course you will learn:

  • Every step needed to use a physical discomfort or issue as a Gateway to your Infinite Self.
  • Processes that will help you understand the “emotional roots” of physical, and subsequently, emotional suffering, with a series of processes that guide you into a place where releasing those emotional snags feels safe!
  • We will learn how to follow a path that takes us into experiencing a profound forgiveness.  That forgiveness is KEY, and in turn, deepens into a commitment to Your Self, capable of transforming deep emotional wounds with love and gratitude.
  • In the final step of the process, Inner Gratitude expands us into Universal Love, where we can experience our Infinitely Loving Nature.
  • Not as “woo-woo” as it sounds! This workshop is a Coach’s DREAM! 

About the organizers

Paul and Kathie Scott have been practising and teaching Quantum-Touch for almost a decade.  They have stewed in the healing arts and the event-production world together for over 14 years now, and it is their diverse palette of experiences within these Journeys that make their workshops so comfortable and unique.  The word on the street in Vancouver says it all…”There are workshops, and then there are workshops with Paul and Kathie.”