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Paul & Kathie Scott




  • All of our offerings are in Canadian currency…
  • Early Bird – $475 + 5% GST
  • Regular Bird – $570 + 5% GST
  • Repeating Bird – $285 + 5% GST


October 21/22, 2023

9am – 5:30pm PST


Zoom Room Link and Address for LIVE workshop sent with Registration

Quantum Touch Supercharging ~ Virtual & Live

NOW we’re talking!  SUPERcharging says it all!

In this course you will learn:

  • This workshop brings in the U-Nan pattern!  Totally unique to Quantum Touch, we learn the placing and meaning of Magenta, Ocher, Royal Blue, Copper, Silver, and Gold ~ what they mean and how to send the right color to yourself or your subject for specific deficiences.
  • We explore how to MOVE the Chakras!  In SuperCharging we draw the 8th below our feet, the Gaia Chakra, and the higher Chakras, the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, INTO the body to super charge our Energy Field.
  • Our manifestation skills are intensified in Supercharging! Using Unan, we expand our energy work through time and dimensions!
  • These higher skills also assist us in creating an energetic shield and help us develope and maintain our energetic integrity – SO good!

About the organizers

Paul and Kathie Scott have been practising and teaching Quantum-Touch for almost a decade.  They have stewed in the healing arts and the event-production world together for over 14 years now, and it is their diverse palette of experiences within these Journeys that make their workshops so comfortable and unique.  The word on the street in Vancouver says it all…”There are workshops, and then there are workshops with Paul and Kathie.”