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Constellations are a pathway to finding peace with our ancestors, ourselves, and ultimately, all of humanity.  

As we “stand in” as representatives of family members for each other and our own families, we step into the shoes of those who have walked through life before us and share their perspective on a past we have only heard about through the spoken word, stories and books or movies.


Shake yourself free from the distant past with this radical process for coming to wholeness with your familial and ancestral legacies.  Make peace with the past – free yourself to reside in the present – and generate a new, peaceful future.

A Powerful PROCESS For Reflection, Intention, and CLEARING

Family Constellation is a multi-generational family therapy – a powerful new method for resolving personal conflicts while offering positive change for 

The flow of the day






8:30am – 9am


You are welcome to arrive anytime after 8:30am.

Come early to pick your spot!

Also an excellent time to BEcome Present and set an Intention.

Or, catch up with old friends on the Journey who may be here today!





9am – 5:30pm


We begin by setting the space for our day together with an explaination of Family Constellations.

Who “sits in the chair” is not pre-determined, but everyone participates and reaps the insights of each Constellation.









We close with a brief  Circle to conclude and summarize our day together.

Please Note:  There will be a big pot of vegetable soup for all to enjoy at Lunch.  Bring anything you need to be comfortable – sweater, special tea, etc.  Lots of purified water on tap!

2019 constellation CALENDAR



March 17th

June 16th

August 18th

October 20th


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Working with Family Constellations

Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger, now well into his 80’s. He grew up as a boy in Germany through the personal and cultural impact of World War ll.

With the support of his parents, he fled to Africa as a 19-year-old priest and became a welcomed member of the Zulu people. There, he learned the intricacies of Zulu family system principles and how to utilize the mystery of systemic knowing fields for insight and healing.

After 20 years he made the decision to return to Germany and immerse himself in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychotherapy. By brilliantly combining his Shamanic and Eastern teachings with Western psychology, he refined the tool of Family Constellation Work grounded in the natural laws of human relationships and their often unrealized effects on the individual.

Family Systems Work has been recognized worldwide for 40 years.

As part of their interest in the metaphysical healing of body, mind and soul and acknowledging the energy field that affects all aspects of a person’s life, also known as the “knowing field”,  Paul and Kathie have welcomed many and varied modalities into their own healing and for those whom they work with.  Family Constellation is one of their absolute favorites and they feel that there is a family constellation active in EVERYTHING that happens.

Paul dove into training as a FC facilitator training on the spur of the moment when he heard about Jan Hull’s Facilitator Training program at a wedding he and Kathie were officiating at in the summer of 2016!  He completed his Basic training, then a year of Advanced Facilitator Training with Jan in 2018.  Paul is honoured to study with Jan and bring her considerable skills to his community.


Jan Hull is celebrating 15 years of Family Systems facilitation and training – from as far south as Washington and Oregon and locally on Vancouver Island up to the North Coast in Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet, BC.

Jan began her training in 2003 through the Human Systems Institute of Portland, Oregon.

Prior to that, Jan received certification through the Justice Institute of BC in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

She currently resides in the Cowichan Valley and, when she’s not facilitating Family Systems Work, she instructs Social Work at Sprott Shaw College in Nanaimo and enjoys foster parenting with her partner.

Jan’s workshops are interactive and structured for actively doing and learning the work – because Systemic Constellation Work meets us where we live, in our bodies and in relationships. This tool cuts to the core where other modalities can fall short.

When practiced in groups, Systemic Constellation Work nourishes our need for connection and community as well.

Paul Scott’s Clearmind training includes Bowen’s Family Systems and Paul has also completed Jan Hull’s Level 1 and Advanced Family Constellation Facilitator Training and weaves the principals of family structure throughout his sessions. 

Call or text Paul to discuss a private session at 604-813-2206




Where is the journey located?

The location is disclosed in an email upon registration.  It is usually in South or East Vancouver.

should I eat before the journey?

We suggest you eat light throughout the day.  It is not necessary that you have an empty stomach before the journey but we find that it creates more room for the cacao to work its magic if you do.

Does the cacao get me high?

No, the effect of the cacao is so subtle that it is only felt when we attune our awareness.  We find it is the perfect catalyst for the meditation that follows; which certainly is capable of creating transcendent experiences 😉

What if I am allergic or do not enjoy cacao?

We would still love to experience the meditation with you! Honestly, the meditation is enough to knock your socks off with or without the cacao.