Living Vision

January 4/5/6,2019- VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Living Vision

For Global Transformation


Living Vision is a powerfully transformative experience – a rite of passage from where you are living now to living the life you were born and meant to live.  It is a Universal wake-up call for those of us ready to live on purpose, using our greatest gifts and talents, in service to humanity and the world for the BEST LIFE EVER!

Living Vision is for anyone looking for a community in which to share the vision of global transformation on a personal and a collective level.

Living Vision is 3 days of Self-Discovery in Community – A Murmuration of Transformation!

At Living Vision we move collectively as One, yet we each are encouraged to reach into our deepest essence for the beauty of our soul work and to source that mystical place of vision and possibility.

We dare to envision new possibilities together through the power of conscious community – through sacred rituals and healing arts – and the collective energy of the field we create expands exponentially through the magic of sound, song, movement, meditation and breath, to bring us to our inner forgiveness – essential for ourselves and all of humanity.

From the power of our community experience – to commune in unity – new potentials inherent in our collective human spirit emerge.

Living Vision allows us to experience what it means to have a spiritual family – supporting each other, shining a light on what we already know is possible, and reaching our full potential together – to move forward with our personal quests for wholeness, supported by the foundation of our experience together.

These new possibilities become powerful catalysts for creative expression, personal and global, and an open doorway to a profoundly deeper, richer life!

A loving and supportive community is a very important launching pad for our heartfelt dreams – our visions of expressing our gifts and talents – in service to humanity and the world.

Our ongoing vision is to continue to extend our community, to support your Living Vision, and to build on the new vista of possibilities created during our time together.

Come Join In The Vision!

The Universal wake-up call ~ Awakening the dreamer ~ for global transformation…

Indigenous leaders explain the meaning of the Condor and Eagle prophecy, and the anticipated reunion of the two entities…

The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient prophecy that speaks volumes about where we came from, where we are now, and where we’re going.

Essentially, all of human society splits into two paths- the path of the Eagle, and that of the Condor.

The Eagle represents the North; masculine energy and focus of the mind.

The path of the Condor is represented by the South; feminine energy and the softness of the heart.

According to the prophecy, the 1490’s marked a significant event that would ignite a 500 year period of suffering and conflict.”

“During this time, the people of the Eagle would gain enough power and force to almost completely eliminate the people of the Condor.”

“The prophecy continues by saying that the next 500-year period, which began in the 1990’s, would be a time of divine connection between the Eagle and the Condor.

Or rather, that there would be the potential for these two to fly together and ring in a new age of consciousness for all mankind.

The prophecy is telling us that the time for a shift is now. We have the potential; we know how to make this a better world for everyone. So, let’s do it. I’m ready to fly- are you?” 

Acclaim For Living Vision

Living Vision birthed a community in Vancouver that exists today and has sent it seeds out all over this world!

Living Vision is a forum for Facilitators to participate too ~ bringing their wisdom to a process and leading the way – like a lead goose in a migration!

The Living Vision experience allowed my soul to catch up and cozy up next to my heart.  To hear the whispers of her fondest wishes for me.  It allowed me to catch up with my grieving and was also an opportunity to work with fully committed people, immediately ready to show up…and to experience the radiant beauty of being human within the power of community.  The Gift of Unconditional Love – creating the safest, most sacred and loving environment that I’ve experienced in a long time…To allow and cultivate your highest calling on this Earth, to create a supportive community that will be there for you fully, when you are ready to manifest that Vision.  I now feel there is hope for Mother Earth and humanity as more and more people are allowed the opportunity to align themselves with their soul work.  To lovingly work towards the manifestation of my own vision and role on this wounded but ever so beautiful Mother Earth.

Pepe Danza, Musician/Shaman, Facilitator/Participant, Living Vision 2007, 2008, 2009

I was changed dramatically by this experience of opening and witnessing others who shared an urge to open their hearts, and who did so. We cooperatively provided a safe space to reach new ground within, surrounded by nurturing energy that somehow surmounted all barriers…

Amazingly, there are many people I met at Living Vision who are still favourite people in my life and others who I see from time to time with whom I am bonded because of the wonderful experienced shared. We all took one giant step forward and we love recalling changes that we made, as a direct result of our time together.

~ Cassandra Lea Wilson, Author, Facilitator/Participant, LV 2006, 2007, 2008

My partner Jonas and I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Living Vision Retreat’ in September of 2007. This was our first time participating in an event of this nature and our spirits were completely uplifted and nourished from the wonderful experience that we had. Not only did we have the privilege of connecting with many amazing and inspirational individuals, this retreat also facilitated us discovering a deeper connection to ourselves and our life’s purpose.

We felt that this was a very important launching pad for our dream and that the momentum of what we shared at Living Vision really helped to bring our vision into reality. In less than one year since the retreat, we received Corporate Sponsorship for ‘Kindness ROCKS’ and the show is well on its way to reaching thousands of children.

Kathie and Paul Scott are two of the most special, genuine and loving people I have ever met. I am very grateful for the support and positive energy they put behind our Vision of ‘Kindness ROCKS’, which is now a ‘Living Vision’.

~ Jeanette O’Keeffe, President/CEO – Moon Coin Productions ~ Facilitator/Participant, LV 2007

YOur Facilitators

Paul & Kathie Scott

Quantum Life

Paul and Kathie’s paths converged New Year’s Eve, 2005 when they met on the dance floor – and dancing remains a passion of theirs to this day!

In their vows taken on Makena Beach, Maui, June 10, 2006, they dedicated their relationship to their healing growth and bringing that to community…   

A common bond is their sobriety – with almost 50 years combined, alcohol free, they know the healing journey personally from this perspective through the 12 Steps as well as avid students of A Course In Miracles.

Living Vision is an annual 100-person retreat they held at Lake Sasamat for the first 4 years of their marriage – creating a network for community whose many offspring thrive to this day – which inspired them to go even deeper into what they wanted to bring forward for the transformation of the Human BEing.

Over the past 12 years, following where Spirit led, they dove into many healing modalities…

For her 50th, Kathie took herself to Fiji, to be Initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver, which opened up yet another path to Awakening for them both.

January 1st, 2011, they facilitated their first Cacao Journey for a handful of friends, and in the years since have created a 12-Chakra guided Breath Meditation – ANAHATA.

Some peak experiences, over and above their monthly Cacao Journeys, are 200+ person Anahata Cacao Journeys at the Vancouver Planetarium for the September Equinox 2017 and Blessed Coast Festival 2018.

Looking for the perfect Instructional modality, in March 2011, they landed on Quantum Touch for its simplicity to convey energy healing – as Instructors and Mentors, they have witnessed the transforming effect in many lives in the 70+ QT Workshops and countless Healing Circles they have facilitated.

They headed for India, aiming for the Oneness University for the celebration of December 21, 2012. – a once-in-a-lifetime 44-days of deepening their connection with All That Is that Heals EveryOne – and became Trainers for this powerful transmission, hosting the Oneness Awakening Initiation every year during the Easter weekend.

As Metaphysical Ministers, they can legally officiate weddings in Canada, and it is one of their absolute JOYS to – together, simultaneously! – marry couples who choose this path for their relationship.

Paul has endless credits from a very young age, including leading programs with Context International, Rhodes Wellness College and completing his BA in Transpersonal Counseling with Clearmind International.  His most recent is Family Constellation Facilitator Training with Jan Hull.

Kathie began life on the West Coast in 1981 at LG73/CFOX, starting as Administrative Assistant to the General Manager and Program Directors, finally ending her radio career as Samantha on the LG Morning Zoo in April 1991.  With years of experience in film and television, she danced with John Travolota, made Jodie Foster laugh and her favorite celebrity over all those years is still Cher.

Clearly, their dedication is bottomless, as they head to Ecuador for the Pranic Living Breatharian Initiation while they prepare to rebirth Living Vision – 2019!

Jerry DesVoignes

Healing Voices

Jerry DesVoignes is a Singer, Composer, Performer and Teacher who is Dedicated to Building a Community through Sound and Voice.

Possessing an extensive background in ancient singing styles and contemporary music, he has performed and composed music in many genres including Rock, Country, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Gospel, R&B, Musicals, Latin and World Beat…

Jerry enjoys composing songs in different languages and using vocables, or non-language sounds.

With over 35 years experience leading thousands of people in Kirtan (the devotional singing of sacred sounds), Jerry can guide you to the wisdom and transformational power of your voice.

One Voice Harmonics – Christ Church Cathedral

Jerry DesVoignes, Colin McDonald, Chris McIntire & Duncan Hogg

Jerry DesVoignes brought Kirtan and Mantra to Vancouver over 35 years ago and the One Voice Harmonic Choir – a group of men devoted to Throat Singing and Harmonic Overtoning – join Jerry for the Christ Church Cathedral Opening Ceremony for Living Vision.  You will be awed by the Sacred Space they create in this landmark church at the corner of Burrard and Georgia.

Dalannah Gail Bowen – Christ Church Cathedral

Indigenous Elder

We are Honoured to have Dalannah Gail Bowen join us at the Christ Church Cathedral on Friday night to call in the Ancestors at the Opening Ceremony for Living Vision.  She will also speak to our Intention for this Gathering.

Terry “Coyote” & Christine Aleck – Christ Church Cathedral, Vision Panel

Indigenous Elder

In 1990, Terry “Coyote” Aleck , along with 6 other survivors of St. George’s Indian Resident School in Lytton who were subjected to extreme abuse, brought a case against the Anglican Church and the Canadian government for the abuse they suffered in the residential schools – and won!  It was the first lawsuit of its kind in Canada.  In bringing awareness and the weight of the legal precedent to this key issue, Terry established himself as a prominent face of Reconciliation. He is proud of his heritage and sees that it will take All Nations and All Our Relations to hold the Vision of healing our world.

It is with great Honour that we welcome him to set our Intentions in a Drumming Circle in Christ Church Cathedral, a church whose primary mandate is to hold space for the healing of Canada’s Indigenous and to nurture Inter-faith relationships.  Bring your drum!  Terry and his wife Christine welcome you in their Circle!

Jan Hull

Family Constellation – Systemic Solutions

Jan Hull is celebrating 15 years of Family Systems facilitation and training – from as far south as Washington and Oregon and locally on Vancouver Island up to the North Coast in Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet, BC.

Jan began her training in 2003 through the Human Systems Institute of Portland, Oregon.

Prior to that, Jan received certification through the Justice Institute of BC in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

She currently resides in the Cowichan Valley and, when she’s not facilitating Family Systems Work, she instructs Social Work at Sprott Shaw College in Nanaimo and enjoys foster parenting with her partner.

Jan’s workshops are interactive and structured for actively doing and learning the work – because Systemic Constellation Work meets us where we live, in our bodies and in relationships. This tool cuts to the core where other modalities can fall short.

When practiced in groups, Systemic Constellation Work nourishes our need for connection and community as well.

Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger, now well into his 80’s. He grew up as a boy in Germany through the personal and cultural impact of World War ll. With the support of his parents, he fled to Africa as a 19-year-old priest and became a welcomed member of the Zulu people. There, he learned the intricacies of Zulu family system principles and how to utilize the mystery of systemic knowing fields for insight and healing. After 20 years he made the decision to return to Germany and immerse himself in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychotherapy. By brilliantly combining his Shamanic and Eastern teachings with Western psychology, he refined the tool of Family Constellation Work grounded in the natural laws of human relationships and their often unrealized effects on the individual.

Family Systems Work has been recognized worldwide for 40 years.

Trevor Yelich

Numa Somatics Breathwork

Trevor has explored and studied a wide array of bodymind practices and healing arts over the past 22 years.  The richness of these studies, the gamut of his life experiences, and a deep curiosity about the seamlessly inter-connected mechanisms of mind and body have led to an increasingly integrated approach to healing.

Trevor has a diploma in Acupuncture and has also studied Conscious Connected Breathwork, Chi Nei Tsang (Visceral/Abdominal Massage), Acutonics® Vibrational Healing, Thai Massage, and Bodynamics Somatic Psychotherapy. Deeply interested in trauma and its resolution, he is currently expanding his studies in Somatic Experiencing.

In addition to his therapeutic work, Trevor has developed and facilitated Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator trainings and Nūma Somatics Facilitator trainings.  Trevor has had the blessing of sharing these trainings and related workshops all across Canada as well as leading yoga retreats in Canada, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Jacky Essombe

African Dance and Folklore

Originally from Cameroon, Central Africa, Jacky Yenga grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver, BC.  Her foundation for life was rooted in togetherness and collaboration, respect for the elders, for nature and the ancestors. Living a connected life and expressing joy through dancing and singing as a way of life was her daily reality, until the age of 9.  She experienced the trauma of disconnection when she was sent to the West to “live a better life”. Now she is an inspiring speaker and an enthusiastic ambassador for the wisdom of Africa and their message of togetherness, which she shares around the world in various forms, including as a singer, music and dance performer.

“I have the vision of a world where we treat each other like family, and I believe in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.”

Tannis Hugill, RCC, RDT, BC-DMT

Awakening Body Wisdom

Tannis Hugill has a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology, is a registered B.C. Clinical Counsellor, registered Dance and Drama therapist and creator of sacred theatre. She brings over twenty years’ experience of healing through the arts to her work with individuals, groups, adolescents and adults, especially those with eating and body image problems, addictions and trauma. She has co-ordinated a hospital eating disorders program, taught on the university level, and directed a theatre company of disabled and non-disabled actors. She has also worked as a staff therapist for the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center…

In addition to seeing clients, and leading workshops, she was a board member of ANAD and the Movement Matters Association. She also directed the creation of the first Interspiritual Sacred Dance Festival.

Tannis’s psychological theoretical framework is a combination of Jungian, psychodynamic, somatic, and bio-energetic approaches. Her belief in the vitality and creativity of the human spirit makes her a supportive guide who assists others in listening to their bodies, discovering needs underlying life problems, and fi nding pathways to resolution and transformation.

Her passion is helping others experience the creativity and wisdom of their bodies, a sacred healing practice.

Zamir Dhanji

 Chakra Yoga

Zamir Dhanji studied Chakra Yoga with David Goulet of Pyramid Yoga.  David began his yogic studies in the 1970’s under Swami Gitananda – found of the Ananda Ashyram in Pondicherry.

Chakra Yoga applies the various systems of yoga in an integrated way to promote the body’s natural healing abilities, and is strongly influenced by developments in modern biology, physics and neuroscience.

Zamir’s practice is based on a holistic understanding of the body/mind system that complements the scientific knowledge of ancient yogis.

He is also an initiate of Ati-Yoga under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism, with whom he has discipled with for the last eight years in the practice and study of meditation and Buddhist logic.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire others to embrace the depth of what yoga has to offer – integrating our potential in body, mind, emotions and spirit.”


Jeff Childz

Musician – Elemental & Tribal Beats

Jeff Childz is a master of many crafts, from artistic carpentry to didjeridoo.  He is an integral member of our Vancouver community and can often be found behind the DJ booth entrancing the crowd with his elemental rhythms.  Jeff will be facilitating an evening of tribal grooves for our Saturday-evening experience with a band of live instrumentalists.  It is sure to be a night of deep ancestral connection.

Adam Johnson

Sonic Architect

Adam is an architect of sound.  A weaver of frequencies.  And a dreamer in this sea of dreams.  Adam sculpted the sonic pallet behind Quantum Life’s Anahata meditation, and will be performing this meditation live with Kathie & Paul Scott at Living Vision 2019.  If he’s not on stage or behind the sound booth you’ll catch him getting into the grooves with the tribe and smiling wide.

Shine Edgar

Musician – Didjereedoo

Accompanied by didjeridu Master Shine Edgar we will co-create an evening of ritual, celebration and renewal on Living Vision’s Saturday night.

Renowned Australian didjeridu Master, Shine  has been performing, teaching and offering sound healing for close to 30 years. He has performed at numerous international festivals to thousands of people and shared the stage with many well known artists, including Mickey Hart, Jai Uttal, Michael Franti, Rhiannon, Armando Peraza, Gaudi, Adham Shaikh, Ganga Giri and Mihirangi.

Shine was initiated into didjeridu healing by an Indigenous Aboriginal Elder in 1991. He offered sound healing at Hollyhock retreat center for 10 years. A number of leading experts in the field of spiritual healing, including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Das, and Dr. Andrew Weil have all experienced Shine’s work. Shine’s world beat rhythms , percussion and unique vocal styling’s, combined with timeless messages of indigenous wisdom, takes listeners on ecstatic dreamtime journeys into self discovery and inner transformation.

Mona Leung & Michael Kraus – Vision Panel

Conscious Hairapy – One Journey

We the Peaceful!

Vancouver wouldn’t be the same without the gifts of these two vastly talented people!

Jenn Field & Chris Fletcher – Vision Panel

Halfmoon Haven Retreat Centre – The Nine Rings of Alignment

Chris and Jenn have made major contributions to our Conscious Collective in Vancouver and on the Sunshine Coast – and Kauai, Hawaii!

Community Agriculture – Bridging Farm and City

Abundance Farm – 1020 Hamilton Rd., Agassiz, B.C.


A social experiment for growing organic food and intentional gatherings!

Abundance Community Farm is located on 40-acres of land in Agassiz, BC, 1.5 hours east of Vancouver. With 5 permanent residents living on the farm, and a network of Community Agriculture members who live in Vancouver and farm-share one weekend a month to grow food, connect to nature, build community and create culture, we foster a culture that is rooted in authentic and grounded human connection, greatly improving our Quality of Life.

By sharing resources and replacing consumerism with meaningful connections and culture, we reduce our Ecological Footprint and pave the way to true sustainability.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe