Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch uses breath and body awareness techniques to achieve a state of optimal health.  It can be used as a practice for one’s self or as a catalyst to help others heal.  Quantum Touch is brilliant on its own, but we have found that it also pairs powerfully with other healing modalities.

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Distance Healing

Energy is everywhere. Everything is energy.  There are no boundaries for the focused mind that has pure intent.  it can be difficult sometimes for those in pain to physically make it to a session, and in our experience, it is not always necessary.  There are a host of practices we can share to receive healing benefits right where you are.  

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It’s our passion to create experiences for higher states of awareness.  One of our favorite ways to do so is through guided meditation.  Our collection will be growing in the months to come, so join our newsletter if you want to get access to them first!

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Cacao Journeys

Cacao is such a magnificent medicine.  The traditional name Theobroma literally translates to “Food of the Gods”.  We host gatherings once a month to enjoy this sacred brew over a guided meditation; to open our hearts and elevate our minds.

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