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The best way to begin exploring Energy Healing is to jump right in with a Quantum-Touch Level 1.

QT L1 is the pre-requisite for all other QT workshops and gives you a deep connection to your Inner Healer.  In QT, we recognize the Healer is YOU – when we offer a resonance to entrain to, we know that the OTHER is the Healer and we the conduit.

Although QT Level 1 could be all you need, if you’re looking to deepen your Energy Healing skills, you can move on to QT Level 2 or SuperCharging.

Self Created Health will take you into the Coaching model ~ exploring any deeper blocks to receiving the full benefit of Energy Healing activations.

To experience a small taste before diving in, you are welcome to join our Tuesday Healing Circles Here.

QUANTUM TOUCH Virtual L1 ~ 8am-4pm PDT ~ May 22nd & 23rd, 2021 on Zoom

The Principles & Practices of Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch Level 1 offers the foundations for the art of energy healing. This course is a powerful primer for those who want to heal themselves or begin a healing practice with others.

QUANTUM TOUCH Virtual L2 ~ TBA ~ on Zoom

An Advanced Journey in Energy Healing

Quantum Touch Level 2 is The NEW Human, or as Richard Gordon, QT Founder put it… “The Realization of Extraordinary Freedom.”

QT Level 2 deepens our relationship with the expanded, 12-Chakra system, introduces approaches to healing trauma, and deepens the power to use your healing techniques from any distance, and any time…

QT Virtual SUPERCHARGING ~ 8am-4pm PDT ~ on Zoom

Supercharge Your Healing Practice

If you’re on fire with Quantum-Touch then let Supercharging be your wind baby!  The Supercharging workshop breathes new life into the foundations that make Quantum Touch so powerful.  In this workshop, we explore new meditations and visualization methods that will guide you deeper into yourself as a channel for healing and youthing.

SELF CREATED HEALTH ~ 8am-Noon each day ~ SCH can be done in small groups as a process as well; please inquire further at quantumkathiescott@gmail.com

Locate, Understand, and Heal Emotional Trauma

Richard Gordon stands behind Self Created Health as his most prized creation.  This is largely due to the 29 years he spent gathering experiences for these teachings.  Self Created Health bestows us with the power to find the root of our pain and transform it into gratitude.  Priceless!  This workshop works strongly with emotional-cause and trauma release and can budge the stubborn issues that resist Energy Healing in general…a Coach’s dream course!


An Epic Boost of Energy for the Immune System!

Quantum Touch Energy Boost is an introduction loaded with exercises that everyone can easily do. The ability to assist in healing is an innate gift that you already possess, and this mini-class shows you how to tap into that gift. You can use EB to soothe your immune system, balance your emotions, and relieve stress. It can enhance your own well-being, and help others as well: family, friends, or pets.

What Is Quantum Touch?

Quantum Touch is a healing modality that teaches an eloquent series of breath and awareness techniques to amplify your energy field.  Through the phenomenon of entrainment, those around you can harmonize to this field and activate their body’s innate ability to heal.

Energy healing FOR ANYONE

Quantum-Touch is a modern approach to optimal wellness that teaches us to amplify and focus our innate Life Force Energy. In the ancient world, Life Force Energy was known as Chi or Prana, and the techniques to harness it have developed over thousands of years. Quantum-Touch is a powerful new practice in that evolution.

Awareness is all you need…

Quantum-Touch uses a combination of breath and body-awareness techniques to harness your innate Life Force Energy. This energy is the underlying power that not only exists in, but propels the life of all living organisms.


Quantum-Touch stands upon two pillars of physics…


Entrainment theory is a phenomenon that we observe in the natural world when objects interact with rhythm.  Frogs and Fireflies eventually find a harmonious pocket in which their calls fall in sync with each other.  Grandfather clocks swing in perfect unison when given enough time.  We too, have the power to entrain to higher states of being.


Resonance is a powerful phenomenon that we experience when like-frequencies compound upon each other and amplify.  Everything is an orchestra of frequencies, and with focused intention, we can resonate with or invert any of them.  Pain and trauma in the body are orchestras too, and your ability to resonate puts you on the conductor’s podium.

Quantum Touch teaches us to

Entrain The Body To A State Of Alignment






Acclaim For Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch has astounded many medical professionals with its practical simplicity and effectiveness in treating so many conditions.  These are just a few notable practitioners sharing their enthusiasm for the modality.

I recommend Quantum-Touch to anyone who wants to know the intrinsic power they possess to help heal themselves and others.

Dr. Eileen M. Wright, M.D.

Quantum Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association

A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others, Quantum-Touch can make profound shifts in people’s lives.

Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D.

Author of Healing With Love