Journey To The Heart

Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. Heart Relaxation Meditation
  3. Anahata (Full Length)
  4. Zero Point Field Meditation
  5. Maha Mrityunjaya (Original Composition by Jerry DesVoignes)
  6. Dharam Sala (Original Composition by Jerry DesVoignes)
  7. Anahata (Bonus 7 Chakra Version)

* Includes an Accompanying Meditation Guide Book



90 min



Track Count



Chakra Charging, Manifestation, Involution

Anahata is not just a meditation, it is a journey designed to offer experience

Anahata one our favorite experiences to share with our community.  In many ways, it is the culmination of our Life’s work packaged into an expansive 90-minute experience.  This journey was inspired by our experience with the Oneness University in India and our 10-year career as Quantum-Touch instructors.  It is a fully-guided meditation that relaxes you into your heart, guides you through 1,320 sequences of dynamic breath, and softly carries you back to yourself in harmony.  It can be done alone, but it is especially powerful to do it with a group.  As a matter of fact…this is the meditation we have been using at our Cacao Journeys for years!

This meditation creates an opportunity to:

  • Detoxify your body with a guided series of rhythmic breath exercises
  • Reach heightened states of awareness where epiphany is born.  Science has correlated this state with the “Gamma” brain-wave
  • Release Trauma, both physical and emotional
  • Cry, Laugh, Drop-In, Escape, Create, and Let-Go
  • Reach states of relaxation and bliss often associated with the meditative gift known as Samadhi
  • Supercharge your 7 chakra system, and and the 5 additional chakras we cover in Quantum-Touch
  • Boost confidence, overcome anxiety and increase your overall life-experience

Just hit play

The Anahata Journey has been sequenced to work front-to-back, in the same order that conducts our Cacao Journeys.  Just hit play and allow yourself to be guided through yourself.  It is worth noting that it is not necessary to do the meditation in this specific order, it’s just how we like to approach it!  Feel free to dance with it how you will.


With the mystical works of Jerry Desvoignes

Our good friend (and Vancouver chant-master) Jerry Desvoignes brings his timeless talent to this experience in a few ways.  First, he is the voice you hear in the above sample orchestrating the “in” and “out” of the breath, as well as the Bija Mantras when we focus in on each chakra.  He then offers two magnificent original compositions as part of the re-integration process to close the experience.  Jerry’s take on these ancient mantras seems to maintain traditional integrity while standing proudly in the territory of big, modern, impressive production.  Almost every other time we shed tears at this part of the journey…