Is that a Black Hole?! Or a Black Whole?!!

Kathie Scott

September 22, 2019

Is that a Black Hole?! Or a Black Whole?!!

Newsletter ~ September 19, 2019

Is that a Black Hole or a Black Whole?!!

Ever so grateful for the Expansion that is seeping into my Existence. I know you, and many others, are noticing this too – massive waves are moving through our Universe, taking us deeper and deeper into our Awareness of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss…

Got a real sense of this while listening to a discussion on Black Holes. Massive connecting of many dots.

Due to my short attention span, I didn’t mentally stick around for the whole chat, even if literally still sitting there. Or was I really still sitting there?! LOL!

Anyway, the theories around Black Holes are many and the credentials range from the Father of Science, Albert Einstein, to today’s brainiac on all of this, Nassim Haramein.

The vision this snippet of convo created for me was quite spectacular, to me anyway, and it all started with the image of our particular Universe – as there are many, apparently – being spit out of the “other side” of a Black Hole!

We’ve all heard about how a Black Hole sucks all matter into it – but where does it go?! What if it comes out on the other side as an ever-expanding spray of the tiniest of tiniest “particles” that gradually form themselves in Intelligence? How could it form any other way, when you REALLY THINK about the MAGNIFICENCE of it all – absolutely EXTRAORDINARY. The Human Body is EPIC EVIDENCE of this Magnificent Intelligence.

In Haramein’s TedTalk – The Connected Universe; – the following explanation of SPACE is fascinating! Here goes!

Our body has 50-100 TRILLION cells and EVERY CELL has 100 trillion ATOMS, and EVERY atom has a proton INFINITELY smaller than the atom! And in between ALL of these “cellular elements” is SPACE. Known to scientists as VACUUM DENSITY.

So what we’ve come to consider “empty space” is actually FULL OF ENERGY! FUUULL of it! Even what we might consider SOLID – like an atom! – is 99.9999% SPACE!

WE ARE SPACE! With a little bit of “magnetic fluctuation” that we have identified as the MATERIAL world. And we think WE are defining LIFE! But WHAT is defining WHAT here? Clearly space ISN’T “empty” and we are over 99% SPACE! So SPACE defines US! Right?!

So, back to my vision of Creation As We Know It – the spray of ENERGY that flew out of a Black Hole that is STILL expanding (and has within It, ever MORE Black Holes!) – that began ALL of this that is known (and unknown!) to us. This isn’t easy to put into words though…so read this with YOUR VISION of Creation held loosely to see where we fit.

Remember, “my vision” only….

So, when the Matter coming from the Black Hole that Birthed our Universe started to fly, the Intelligence KNEW EXACTLY what it was creating from that very first mini-nano-second of time. Right down to ME writing this, and YOU reading this, RIGHT NOW.

And everything else that is going to happen for Infinity throughout this Universe.

How else can we explain the VAST KNOWLEDGE on this planet that came from thousands of years of OBSERVING EVERYTHING? We didn’t make it up ourselves, we SAW IT – WRITTEN IN THE SKY! Telescopes with magnitudes unimaginable are PROVING what Sages and Seers have been saying for EVER!

So back to the GRAND SPEW from the Mother Black Hole that made up our Existence.

What I saw was ALL of the particles flying to their Destiny – gathering together along the way, gradually collating into planets, gradually becoming significant enough to be caught in a Field, pulled into circling a Sun/Star, and finally creating GRAVITY, that holds Its Life IN and “Space” OUT.

A closed system. A system that Evolved Life within it – a spectrum of Existence that contains EVERYTHING – from the original specks of Existence – that we now carry in every cell in every body on Earth without exception. All of us, Little Black Holes.

And seeing this closed system – Earth – that we are Created FROM, is so humbling. Every Mother nourishes her “unborn” baby with food from this planet. We are grown FROM this compilation of Matter from Our Black Hole! And when we die, we give the body back to Her. But we’re so much more than this body!

We ARE the Existence, the MASSIVE Intelligence, the animators of Matter – all of it, from the OUTER SPACE ~ DENSE with CREATION’S ENERGY!

When we are drawn to CONNECT to SPACE – to the Intelligence that CREATED us EONS ago – it is a natural yearning to be WHOLE.

Yet, we are in these bodies. Separated by our own “atmosphere”. Why?!

So that Existence can experience itself within a body.

And so that the body can experience Existence.

We are within a magnificent organism, created by the minutest particles, that have existed since “our time” began. Existence ANIMATES our body with SPIRIT – the Incredible Intelligence that simply EXISTS, and always has, black hole after black hole.

This Spirit beckons us to be HERE NOW. In THIS moment – which is the ONLY MOMENT that there IS!

It has changed so much for me, this “vision”. It has helped me see the absolute preciousness of holding, and being held in the arms of, my Earthly Love. To see this skin I’m in as a transmitter of the Expression of Divine Existence, rather than a “barrier” of some kind to “real closeness”. To give the Energy I hold ~ All My Love.

To give permission to myself to DIVE SO DEEPLY into appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to BE HERE NOW.

To be HAPPY to be ALIVE and FLOWING in this stream of Awareness. To ABANDON my Self to LOVE. To be an expression of the Great Compassion, the Supreme Love.

To me, this is our Destiny here. Determined countless EONS ago. Inevitable and Kind.

I’ve come to realize that everything that I do, is to CONNECT with this Love.

Call it what you like – Universal Love, Nothingness, Infinity, The Divine, God, Life Force Energy – It is beckoning you to FULLY express It through the Uniqueness that is YOU.

Just BE It, as best you can. It will take care of All Else.

We Love all Ways of Enhancing our Connection. Our bottomless gratitude goes to the incredible DEEPENING of our connection to LOVE through the Golden Age Movement. Can’t say enough about how these HIGH END Energy Transmissions have EXPANDED our own efforts to Live in Love. Here’s a Contemplation from them:

“When you become truly ordinary, then even breath is extraordinary.”

Yes, it is an EXTRAORDINARY Existence, isn’t it?

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,
Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend,