Journey to Your Heart…

Kathie Scott

October 1, 2019

Journey to Your Heart…

Newsletter ~ February 8, 2019

We have a Cacao Journey tomorrow night – the 9th of February – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Come Breathe your Heart Open with us!

It seems like forever since Paul and I gave a Valentine’s Day card to each other…we actually transitioned into NOT giving cards for ANY occasion by going into the card section of a store and reading cards out loud to each other… we felt completely satisfied – and a little bit kooky – which I think made up the greater portion of our satisfaction.  At times, we’d forget we were in a store and get really loud.  Lotsa fun.  Card-giving addiction GONE.

As we whip around the year, passing the goal posts that have been created to keep us all feeling like we’re all in this together, it can seem beyond ridiculous what we’re being asked to celebrate and how it’s being packaged.

The latest is the sign up at CHOICES grocery store “Happy New LUNAR Year” – what is THAT about?  Hey, I’m all for recognizing the ACTUAL CALENDAR that we were talked out of by the Catholic Church and still recognize for settling on a date for Easter (Really?! Yup.) but it took a little while for it to LAND, that its what I’ve always known as the CHINESE New Year that is NOW being repackaged as the LUNAR New Year!  

I guess its the equivalent of Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas.

I feel like I’m being manipulated into something, but I’m not sure what…for the record, I’m sticking with Merry ChristMass. And Gung Hay Fat Choy to all my Chinese friends – I wish you great happiness and prosperity in the coming year!

And just to make it extra interesting, the Gene Key in Illumination this week is the 49th – The Key of Rebirth – Changing the World from the INside Out!

Leaving the Shadow of Reaction, we reach for the Siddhi of Rebirth through the Gift of REVOLUTION.

Is it just me and my kooky friend who thinks something BIG is happening?

And its SO big we can’t even SEE it yet?

Like the fish who was asked “How’s the water?” and replied… “Water? What’s water?” (Yes, there are talking fish now.)

The 49th Gene Key informs us that “We simply cannot comprehend the vastness of the change that’s coming.”

Aren’t there countless, overt and subtle, signs of bigchange just about everywhere?

Like, WHO made the decision to stop saying Happy Chinese New Year and say Happy Lunar New Year instead?  And WHY are we all, mostly, not really noticing?  Or did I miss the email or post on it? Am I ignorant or numb?

And where is this stream of thought going?

Well, I personally feel like the rules are all getting changed and I’m not getting a fair chance at having a voice.  Maybe we’re just too many people now, and need to accept decisions will be made FOR us all. Or we’re being convinced of this and it may seem harmless at this point, but…will I remember later exactly when and where it was that I gave my voice away?

I’m definitely in REACTION!

But certainly not suggesting a revolution here…except within.

I think it helps to understand that REACTION is the manifestation of the ability to emotionally cut yourself off from others.

That reaction is JUSTIFIED because you can see yourself as separate from the behavior and, therefore, the person too, who you are displeased with because they are threatening your “safety” in some way – socially, financially or in your relationships.   It’s war, really.

So you can see this is UP on the planet, right?  War. Revolution.  And what about Rebirth?

In the vastness of humanity, in a world made small with technology, the differences we have will need to be celebrated, not homogenized.

And since changing the world is way too big an undertaking, we are relieved to know it is just our Selves we have a chance at changing.

The 49th Gene Key suggests that as we sicken of the suffering, fewer and fewer humans will be victim to emotional REACTION and men and women of Peace will Birth a New World of rapidly decreasing violence.  Just imagine….it isn’t hard to do.

May we soon live in a world where the frequency is beyond fear, and there is goodwill towards all creatures.  Hallelujah to the Evolution Revolution!

So, do what you’ve gotta do, but do do something.  Contribute to the vibe – put some EFFORT into making a CONSCIOUS choice to upgrade the personal vibe.  Even a little thing, like NOT giving the snappy, slightly stingy, retort.  Amusing? At what cost?  Painful?  Ripples out, right?  Or goes IN and does silent damage.  Kindness is key in this new world.

Be an Agent of LOVE, Baby!  After all, its Valentine’s Day next week!  We dare you to bring your friend or sweetie to the store and read cards to each other.  Its such good fun!

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Love, Peace and Plenty.

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend