Oh, the programs we run…

Kathie Scott

October 1, 2019

Oh, the programs we run…

Newsletter ~ August 31, 2019

If you listen to the peeps with knowledge of “astrology” – the influence of the outer space and what’s IN it and how it washes us in waves of Existence that actually DO influence our existence here on THIS planet – you soon get the picture of the times we’re in and how, as we are hurtling through space ourselves, and that what’s happening around us “out there” is creating very interesting states here – we are “quickening” and change is everywhere.

Yet, feels like we’re in the hallway, between closed doors, waiting on a bench for an opening. And Time is different.  The pressure of being in a body – the literal PRESSURE, as gravity itself seems to be intensifying – squeezes us deeply into the space WITHIN.

And the absolute DENSITY of all that’s within is SHIFTING under this pressure!

Like coal, our transformation to the diamond dust we truly are is well under way.  Hip, hip hooray!

But seriously…are you feelin’ it?!

How I am observing this phenomenon in my own existence, is I am actually in the midst of REAL CHANGE!  Took forever to realize it for what it was.  So many old programs, and masks I wear for each program, coming up for the MOST INTENSE review! To SHOW ME that I can actually be different.  In AA, they talk about how we will “know how to handle circumstances which used to baffle us” and I am finally getting that download after 22 years of sobriety!

There are some primary programs – our lives are variations on a handful of themes endlessly rearranged so we don’t notice and think we’re unique – that come with activities of the mind!  The PROGRAMS.

And it is these programs that create the pressure…the pressure to individuate within the collective.  As we learn to do this over a lifetime, we hopefully become kinder to ourselves and others along the way.

I’ve struggled with this.  We all do.  Each with our own programs, our own unique pressures.  And “becoming conscious” is simply becoming AWARE of the activities of the mind and how its trying to take care of us!  But it is the HEART that knows how to do this!  Longest Journey ever taken – from the head to the heart.

And as we bring our heart-sense forward in our lives – usually through painful times with others, trying to honour our OWN SELVES – that the pressure of this pain brings us to these AWARENESSES.

Enough pain and you start to SEE it, become AWARE of how you are DEFENDING your uniqueness, at the cost of others who are in their own programs with their own internal pressures.

It’s at this point that we can choose to change.  And that choice often doesn’t show up right away – and “here I am again!” is the beat-up we love to do on ourselves. And then the guilt and shame programs roll out, and the reactions flare up, and away we go!

And then we roll back into our inner knowing that we have the RIGHT to BE and be exactly WHO WE ARE and we redouble our efforts.  And hopefully, with each step, we have the chance to bring in a little bit more kindness while staying true to ourselves.

And this ever-increasing Awareness/Awakening creates the pressure that brings us into our crystalline self – our TRUE self, our ORIGINAL self – as a creation of a planet composed of the Universe, a BEING of LIGHT.

My Lesson from the Golden Age Movement that is deepening for me now is “Becoming Conscious of Your Judgmental Nature” – and they point out that there is a difference between having proper judgment and being judge-MENTAL (my emphasis).

This activity of the mind has been my biggest this lifetime.  I have struggled to get into right relationship with others in a good way when my JUDGMENT escalates into being JUDGMENTAL because the internal pressure between pleasing others and pleasing myself – BEING myself – conflicts dramatically.

The process of assessing when you’re actually “off” and when you’re “bang on” is a long and winding road.  And there is a middle ground too, where the compassion for another tempers your “reaction” and brings you into a healthy response instead.

When you get to be YOU without shaming yourself, or anyone else.

We are dedicated to our own path, and love sharing what we find with you. Thank you for that opportunity.  Last Cacao Journey turned into a murmuration of Souls and we all just GREW right before each others eyes!

And our offerings are shifting – what we’re offering, how, and where.  Website morphing.  Again.

Never give up, Dear Friend.  Be vigilant with your mind and honest with yourself about how it may be running you.  And know too, that you are lovable EXACTLY as you are.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend