Kathie & Paul Scott



LIVE in Vancouver

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

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7:30pm – 11:30pm

Doors at 6:45pm

Register here, or text Kathie at 1-604-813-4543, to receive the address, if this is a LIVE Cacao Journey for you…




  • IF you are looking for the Zoom ~ and if you didn’t receive a Newsletter with the info ~ please go to the Anahata 7-Day Page in the drop-down menu ABOVE to Register.
  • If you are looking for LIVE, either register here, on this page, or text Kathie at 1-604-813-4543 to RSVP and ensure you have the deets!
  • We are morphing our website to regain coherence through this transition to Live AND Online – thank you for your patience…

This Sacred Cacao Journey has become our signature offering since January 1, 2011 ~ our first Hosting.

And Anahata has proven to be as powerful online, as it has been in person for many years…

So whether we meet virtually or in person, we trust it will meet your need for Community in Intention, with this Breathwork Journey through the 12 Chakras.

If you’re joining us on Zoom, and would like to purchase a Ceremonial Cacao, there are plenty to choose from online – some are better than others – contact Kathie at 604-813-4543 for advice on the Cacao for you!

The Anahata Cacao Journey is an opportunity to set Intention ~ and to be IN a Field of Intention with this offering, as it has served many, in diverse ways, and is rich with potential.

The Field we All create holds you/us throughout – so bring your Self, in whatever State your Self is in, and share in the Energy!

Please register on this page – whether for a Cacao Journey that is Live, Online or both… Many Blessings

Together, we drink pure, raw cacao (yup – chocolate!) on a slightly empty stomach, allowing the super-food to enter on a cellular level, and to scrub away at toxins; emotional, as well as physical.

One thing we have noticed since going online with Anahata, is that the Cacao, although enhancing, is optional to the process…  AND, you are welcome to enhance your Cacao Journey however you please now, in the comfort of your home, with cacao, tea, water, etc. ~ totally up to you…

If you do have Cacao where you are, please have your drink ready.

During this Journey, LIVE or ONLINE, we follow Anahata, a 12-Chakra meditation composed of many Elements, which assists detoxification on all levels, through the guided Breathwork and enhanced with Sound Technology.

This Journey leads us into Higher States of Awareness that could include clarity and/or emotional release.

Cacao Journeys are definitely most powerful when done in groups, as the Morphic Field, created with everyone’s Intention for Awakening and Enlightenment, Amplifies this Process.

An opportunity for…

  • Clarification and Insight
  • Emotional and Physical Release
  • Trauma Release
  • Tapping Intuition
  • Intention Manifestation
  • Transcending The Mundane
  • Overcoming Addiction

Learn more about our Cacao Journeys here…



6:45 – 7:30pm


You are welcome to arrive anytime after 6:45pm.

An excellent time to become Present, settle in, and set Intention.


7:30 – 10pm


We begin with a Sharing Circle… then we Bless Our Gathering and Mama Cacao, and Enter into Meditation Together.


10 – 11:30pm


We close with a brief Sharing, then mingle in the field, and have some good food and conversation…




Our online Cacao Journeys are offered by donation, however, everyone is welcome regardless of circumstance. So give yourself this gift if you feel called! And if you feel inspired to support the continuation of this work, we will be eternally grateful for your contribution. Thank You and Bless You…