After an Energy or Coaching session with Paul, many have discovered a Whole New Way of Living has opened up…

Paul Scott has spent decades cultivating an awareness of Loving Presence with himself and this world.  His approach to wellness and counselling is backed by a multitude of certifications from Transpersonal Counselling, to Metaphysical Minestry, to trauma related Breathwork facilitation, to Matrix Energetics, to Family Constellating, as well as 13 years of Instructing Quantum Touch with his partner, Kathie.  Paul is well versed in both the psychological and somatic trappings that keep us from connecting with and experiencing our authentic self in this life, and he has made it his life’s mission to help people on their path to Liberation.


* Private Sessions with Paul are either in-person or on Zoom  – a Zoom link is sent with your session confirmation.  Text Paul for alternative arrangements if you don’t have online access.

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