There is an amazing field of energy that we ALL tap into all the time – accessing this field is what we teach you in Quantum Touch.

And someone else is usually more effective in that field on your behalf – or that of your loved one – than you are often able to be… its a matter of being detached from the circumstances.

And, it can have much greater effects too, when the one offering the energy is skilled through training and practice.  That’s where Paul and Kathie can assist…

Another benefit of a Distant Healing Session is being able to receive without changing anything else about your day – you can still go to work, drive a car, give a presentation, dance, take care of the kids – as these subtle shifts are offered to your system.  The wisdom of the body integrates Distance Healing at deeper levels – when its most convenient to you.  We set that intention, and so can you!

That said, you may sense immediate shifts in the presenting pain – from chronic to low-level irritations, from physical to emotional un-eases – the clearing process, through our intention, is to have grace and flow, and to reserve any major shifts for the deep bedtime resting time.  And, to wake refreshed and ready to accept the healing shifts that will continue to roll through as the energy flows, and ebbs gradually with time.