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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Stimulation

PEMF is a no-risk solution to stimulate ALL 70+TRILLION of your body’s cells into harmonic resonance using gentle earth-based frequencies.

Frequencies, in fact, that we can’t live without ~ and that are increasingly interfered with, as we continue to electronically advance…



PEMF Stimulation is actually a simple enough science that has been around for decades, and is recently emerging as THE “home” solution of choice as we begin to understand the remarkable benefits of daily use.

PEMF Stimulation directly strengthens the cells of your body by providing the voltage they require to work (like the battery in your phone).

The cellular level of the human body comes before muscles, tissues, and organs. 

What does that mean?  It means that regardless of which part of your body is in need, ultimately, that body part is made up of cells!  Aha!  That’s right!  PEMF is a cellular regenerative device and the frequencies will go where they are needed first – to your cells!  Every cell!

Illness, pain, and disease are a few symptoms that arise from weak cellular biology.  And as presenting issues are addressed through repeated use of PEMF, the cumulative effects will go beyond what is alarming the body, and start to address what your body has adapted to, and may even be reaching the point of exhaustion around.

The benefits of PEMF Stimulation are innumerable because of its ability to work on such a primary level. 

Simple, yet astonishingly effective.


PEMF – Pulsed-Electro Magnetic Field – Stimulation is a SCIENCE.

To be clear, PEMF was not “created” by Swiss Bionic Solutions – rather, SBS has taken the science of PEMF and put it into an affordable and effective delivery system for daily use.

In 2014, SBS went to Health Canada for edification of the technology in their devices.  Health Canada granted Certification after rigorous examination in October 2015, because SBS makes a GENUINE PEMF delivery system.

Simple as that…

So, in a nutshell, SBS has DUPLICATED the science of PEMF, and packaged it for daily use without medical supervision, in the comfort of your home!

What more can you ask for?!

WHAT ARE the benefits OF PEMF?

With edification by Health Canada (one of the most strenuous processes a company can go through!) you can rest assured that the 70 years of scientific research that has shown PEMF to be a safe and practical solution for so many conditions, is in our device!

And what does PEMF do?  REDUCES aches and pains, and INCREASES blood circulation!

What more can you ask for?!!

WHAT can I expect?

In 8 minutes, your body will receive a full-range PEMF ENERGY stimulation session – leaving every cell in your body fully charged.

Blood Circulation


The low, pulsating magnetic field of the SBS PEMF device stimulates cell metabolism.  This is why Health Canada Certified the SBS iMRS PEMF mat to improve blood circulation in 2014.

This occurs because your cells naturally repel each other when the positive charge on the outer shell is restored; counteracting the modern cell-clumping phenomenon known as the Rouleaux Effect.

Pain Relief

PEMF Energy improves the permeability of your cell walls, and as they obtain a strong balanced charge, they repel each other. This also allows for a greater oxygen uptake, nutrient transport, and toxin release – resulting in reduced inflammation.

These gentle pulsing frequencies also stimulate the brain to release endorphins – which are the body’s natural pain relief hormones.

Better Sleep

PEMF also influences the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Melatonin from the brain.

These two hormones are vital for deep rejuvenating sleep, relaxation, and ultimately, longevity.

Muscle & Tissue Regeneration

PEMF Stimulation is FDA recognized to increase the healing time of bone fractures.  In a university study conducted by Texas A&M, it was observed that there is substantial bone, tendon, and ligament regrowth with PEMF treatment – while those within this study who did not receive PEMF treatment, remained largely unhealed in comparison!

And now, Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS) has released the iMRS PRIME HYBRID!  This evolution of SBS Technology includes Far-Infra-Red (FIR) to enhance and amplifying your PEMF experience. We love it!

Athletic Performance

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is the primary way that cells produce and store energy for muscle contraction.  

While PEMF decreases blood pressure and viscosity (thickening of the blood) PEMF also increases blood flow and capillary dilation – which increases oxygen uptake. 

What makes this so profound is that ATP production is increased by 19x’s when cells are oxygenated, allowing for greater and more enduring bursts of energy during your workouts.

Stress & Anxiety

Chronic stress is the result of prolonged, over-stimulated Beta brainwaves. Beta is the brainwave that is active when you are highly engaged in the world around you.

The systems also have a built-in biorhythm clock designed to entrain your brain and body cycles to their natural rhythm, resulting in a more balanced experience of life.  Plus the optional “Light & Sound” system delivered via “goggles” for hemispheric brain entrainment, adds to the “balancing” enhancement of the circadian rhythmic entrainment clock! Bam!

Why do WE use PEMF daily?

Quantum Life believes SBS PEMF mats are consciousness-raising devices ~ how can every cell becoming coherent, with an increase in the circulation of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients, with reduction of pain (especially chronic issues) not result in a happier you?!  And a happier YOU is a more conscious you – someone who isn’t distracted by a struggling body, but enlivened with natural vitality!  Daily use has a cumulative effect, digging deeper with every 8-minute session, into issues of the tissues that may be long-forgotten and adapted to by your amazing Healing Machine, your BODY, that is focused on taking you through this life!

Do I need to be an “expert” to use this PEMF mat?

Absolutely NOT!  All you need to do is turn it ON and the PEMF mat and accessories will do their “magic” regardless if you’re a scientist, or a novice to frequency. PEMF doesn’t mind if you “believe it works” or not!  That’s the beauty of this science-based device – the science is DONE by the time your priceless purchase arrives at your doorstep, and your REAL HEALING MACHINE, your trillions of cells, in your magnificent body, get the information they need to give you the best life ever!

Start a Conversation

There are always more questions that come to the surface with such fascinating technology.  Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to answer whatever you’re yearning to know.  If you leave your phone number, let us know the best time to reach you in your message.  Thanks!

Why we ~ Kathie, Paul & Friends ~ use PEMF Energy Healing Technology

In February of 2011, I was having the worst sciatic nerve “attack” of my life! 

Being part of a diverse and expansive “healing community” in Vancouver, Canada, I went far and wide for relief for weeks, with intense pain shooting down my right leg…

And I was still at an 8 out of 10 when I went to try out my friend’s new “mat” that she said was “miraculous.” 

Pure Energy Healing hadn’t “cured” me yet, but skepticism hadn’t stopped me yet, on my quest to be free of sciatic nerve pain, and I am ecstatic to this day, that I went to try this new “scientific” healing device.

Because I haven’t had sciatica since February of 2011!

Was I “done” in one session?  No, that would have been nice, but that’s not how “healing” usually works, no matter how amazing the “healing device” ~ whether that’s your meditation practice or your favourite energy technique or modality.  ALL healing is a multi-faceted journey, and its wise to bring the best of the best on that journey.  That’s why I bought the iMRS in February 2011 ~ I wanted the best ~ because I had tried it all, and was ready for something to really do the job, once and for all, and take me all the way to pain-free!

What DID happen, is when I went to get up off the PEMF mat, and braced myself for the tingling that would turn into shards down my right leg the more I moved, I was completely astonished ~ the pain had gone from an 8 out of 10 to a TWO!   In 40 minutes!

It took me about a week to realize I wanted PEMF in my life forever.  WHY would I “make do” without it, when I had all the evidence I needed to see what makes the pain go away?

Not to mention, address the UNDERLYING CAUSE!

Over the following 4 years, Paul and I led countless Energy Healing Workshops, Healing Circles, Cacao Journeys, Retreats and Private Sessions ~ and the mat was ALWAYS in the room!

For us, as much as anyone else!

But it wasn’t until March of 2015 that we took the step of becoming active distributors, Reps, for SBS. 

Spurred on by the company’s first price increase since its inception, we selected 30 people from our clients and friends and told them if they wanted PEMF in their lives daily too, they should take advantage of the opportunity of this sale, and 15 people purchased a mat that month.

And that small group soon spread throughout this healing community ~ and beyond ~ putting the West Coast of Canada on the map as a PEMF hot spot. 

And that could only have happened if these seasoned observers of the human bio-organism felt and saw the results of PEMF.

Since we began our career with SBS in 2015, and subsequently saw all the amazing results from PEMF in the many lives touched, coupled with the 4 years we were simply using and observing, we can say that my experience with PEMF and sciatica has been repeated countless times with many other issues, for many who have suffered, without reprieve, for years.

How did that happen?!

Well, given all the information above about what PEMF does, it starts to makes sense, but we believe it is because it is such a SIMPLE, yet FOUNDATIONAL, aspect of wellness.  When asked if PEMF will “address this issue or that issue” the response is always the same:

“This is a science that creates predictable results on a cellular level.  The results are increased blood circulation and the reduction of aches and pains.  Understanding that, all we need to realize is that everything in your body is made up of cells.  Everything.”

And, there is still the responsibility to take care of the body, as everything you do is either a “job” for your body or is contributing to its wellness.  Everything.

And PEMF is a massive contribution to your wellness ~ foundational.

So we have come to understand that PEMF is supporting us cellulary – every day – so that our amazing Healing Machine, our Body, gets the best frequencies to Feel Alive on Planet Earth.

I can talk about this here forever, but please gimme a call if you really wanna yak it up, or visit my new PEMF site (a work in progress!) at www.pemfSOURCE.com

Many Blessings,

~ Kathie Scott ~ 604-813-4543



How We Receive These Healing Benefits

There are a few basic components that each play a unique roll in delivering these harmonious healing frequencies.

Full Body Mat

The primary body-charger that we use daily is called a “full body mat”.  This mat is designed to administer all frequencies between 0-30hz in a span of 8 minutes.  That’s right! Only 8 minutes for one round of all the frequencies that promote healing.  How does it get any better than THAT?!


There are a number of applicators available with swiss bionic PEMF mats.  These applicators work wonders on localized pain because they use the Nasa proven square-wave…It’s kind of like having a never-ending bottle of Advil without the consequences – because it’s just the energy your body is looking for!

Light Therapy Goggles

The rhythms of healing can be activated through any sense if you get the frequencies correct (and in phase).  Swiss Bionic includes a headset that uses state of the art light therapy programs to guide the brain into circadian harmony.  This can further allow your body to relax and accept the PEMF wave!

Reduce your Stress, Regenerate Tissue, and Improve Performance

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