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Kathie & Paul Scott




Private Location

Address Supplied with Registration

Vancouver, BC



    • June 8th 2019
    • June 9th 2019
    • Early Bird Registration ends on May 18th


      • 9:00am – 5:00pm
      • 9:00am – 5:00pm


      • Full Price: $570
      • Early Bird: $475
      • Repeat: $285

Quantum Touch Supercharging

Welcome To The Apex of Energy Healing

Quantum-Touch’s Supercharging course is a profound evolution to the concepts addressed in Quantum-Touch Energy Healing.  This 2-day intensive gives you the training to balance and power-up your 12-chakra system to greatly enhance your ability to resonate energy in your practice.


Supercharging will teach you to…

        • Strengthen your foundation as an Energy Healing practitioner
        • Enhance and accelerate the success of your Quantum-Touch sessions- with yourself and your clients.
        • Boost your overall morale and energy in your day-to-day life.
        • Techniques to see lasting improvement in your emotional and mental health.
        • Techniques for longevity and age-reversal
        • Tones to harmonize with a universal healing pattern
        • Optimize your health at a cellular level, allowing you to reach the root causes of your challenge and heal at the source.

…and of course- promote a life of more ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and WISDOM!


Requirements for this course

A Quantum-Touch Level 1 certificate is required to register for supercharging.  If you do not yet have this credential we would love to certify you at our next workshop! You can find information and registration info here.