SO much Magnificence…

Kathie Scott

October 1, 2019

SO much Magnificence…

Newsletter ~ March 9, 2019

Wow. We are up to our Third Eyes with stuff.  Oh my.  SUCH an emotional time – taxes, Spring-like attempts at surging ahead, Mercury retrograde (yes, that is too a real thing!) and the plain ol’ kookiness on the planet these daze.

And it is no surprise that the Gene Key in illumination right now (March 8 to 13) is the 22nd.  The 22nd GK is perhaps the BIGGEST of them all!  And even if it isn’t one of “your” Keys, when any Key is in illumination, we are ALL under its influence!

So direction and advice from the 22nd Key of GRACE is this: Graciousness means to act with grace and consideration in everything. Tall order.  Gonna need some help.

And, your Awakening to the sweetness of Life, that is always available to you, will come through seeing, feeling and expressing ALL of your Self…leaving nothing out.

Transparency – with yourself and others and God. The Divine. Life Force Energy. Grace.

And also, that Awakening is a direct intervention of Divinity coming down into your body.

Grace again.

To help us out further, here’s a peek at the 22nd from Gene Keys author, Richard Rudd:

“When our Soul shines out, we begin to let go of the need for pleasure. We become grateful for whatever life brings. When we feel grateful TO Life, it’s because we’re so aware of death.  And so our priorities are transformed.

As we let go of pleasure, we also let go of pain. The two are inextricably linked. It’s not as though they go away.  They don’t – their delightful musical fugue continues, but we don’t shuttle desperately from one to the other.

We become accepting of life and its rhythms.

No longer a victim of the pleasure/pain cycle, we rise up and our frequency lifts us.

We feel equanimous ~ calm and composed.

To live with equanimity is to live life lightly, but at the same time deeply.

It means we pay attention, and we do it all with an “unquenchable inner calm.”
How do we get an “unquenchable inner calm”? The 22nd GK is a key for that door!
The 22nd GK directs you to involve yourself in the “magical” process of invocation-  in which you directly invite a higher presence into your life.  In a prayerful, reverent manner – in the spirit of nakedness.  Transparency.  With God, or your “Higher Power”.

And we wouldn’t even THINK to go there WITHOUT all this SUFFERING.  And, the human heart LONGS for this connection!  In fact, its what we live for – it DRIVES our whole life!

The 22nd Gene Key is about INVOLUTION – bringing God to the body.  And if you really want to think about something, the 55th Gene Key is about EVOLUTION – bringing the body to God.  Juicy, right? Tantra is really THIS. Universal Love.  Ecstasy.  Bliss.

Stillness.  The triumph of the Soul.

At the Oneness University, they describe every manner of suffering, get you to agree that you DO suffer in all these ways, then say “And it makes you tired, doesn’t it?”

What?!!!  THAT’S what’s exhausting me?  My MIND?  All that scurrying around in there, avoiding the transparency with self, others and God, that the 22nd GK says is a MUST – THAT is what is making me mad and sad and crazy?!!  IF I even admit I am those things!!!

And then the Dasas (guides) at Oneness U will tell you that your ONLY hope is Grace ~ through a personal relationship with YOUR Divine, and that chatting up that energy and getting REALLY FRIENDLY with that One, is how you invoke Grace.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend