Quantum Consciousness…

Kathie Scott

October 1, 2019

Quantum Consciousness…
Newsletter – April 9, 2019

So, what is Quantum Consciousness?

An interesting concept explored in the Gene Keys is the opening of the heart through the belly – in Ancient Cultures, the Solar Plexus was the highly revered Portal to the Cosmos – and our gut is now taking on a mutation through the bacteria in it – and we are returning to this Cosmic Awareness. 

This DNA shift through the awareness of our gut’s bacteria is an innate transformation where our Solar Plexus, the Manipura Chakra, INFORMS the Heart, the ANAHATA Chakra, thus bringing us into greater RESONANCE with the Quantum Field of Light and Love.  Gradually.  Completely.  Permanently.  Eventually.

GUT INSTINCT – mutating into Awareness of All That IS – through our Heart’s Field.

We are going from EATING TOO MUCH – desperately trying to “fill up” – to nourishing ourselves with Awareness, thereby deepening this opening of our Hearts.  Like when falling in love, or excited about something NEW, we forget about filling any hunger in our gut because our HEART IS FULL.  Our Pranic Engine is running smoothly…

And since we are ELECTRICAL BEings, and our heart is a massive electrical field – we vibrate! – we are animated with the electrical Resonance of LOVE – and we can actually LIVE on LOVE.  We don’t really notice and nurture that, until we’re dying for love…

And so, we are gradually FALLING IN LOVE with EVERYTHING. Loving ALL of Life – the seemingly good and the seemingly bad – massive acceptance of WHAT IS.

Our hopes rest, really – to survive as a collective, as a “human” consciousness – in this mutation.  This IS stepping into the Quantum Field of Love – Quantum Consciousness – for a Quantum Life!

And one thing we are constantly DIGESTING is our THOUGHTS.  I suggest you listen to Alan Watts’ YouTube –> What Happens If You Stop Talking To Yourself All The Time.

In this contemplation, Alan Watts suggests we STOP thinking COMPULSIVELY – and so, also talking to ourselves endlessly.

You see, if we could THINK WITHOUT FEAR – in the forms of anger, righteousness, lack, envy – then we would find we have very few thoughts at all!  And the ones that we do, would be loving and supportive – without “fear of the future” embedded in each and every one – and our thoughts would be seen as just noises; little things making sounds.  And we then become the “thoughtless” self the world is waiting for!

Watts also advises we BREATHE UNconsciously – let the breath breathe as it wishes! And as we become aware enough to WATCH the breath, we see that there is voluntary and involuntary breathing, and these two types of breath are connected to thought.  This is how Breath can be used as therapy.

In the Gene Key of Ecstasy, the Shadow is Seriousness – I have this in my Evolution and it is the companion to Universal Love, my Life’s Work, which has the Shadow of Constriction – do you see how Seriousness and Constriction go together? 

Here’s a reflection from the GAME of LIFE to illustrate the Power of that Thought – “Seriousness is a freezing of NATURAL LIFE VITALITY by worrying about the future or desiring life to be different than it is in the present moment.  What if pain, joy, grief, and bliss could ALL be welcomed to flow through the wildness of your open human heart?”

Yes….what if…

So, perhaps you can see how Paul and I have arrived at our Practice – a compilation of all of the above and more – because WE need it!  AND WANT IT!  And it is no simple task, to weave this altogether, with the goal of an open heart and a coherent self. 

And so, we BREATHE.  This Saturday we are at Bridge & Enrich from 11am-3pm; join us.

And we FAST – this Sunday night we will begin a reset; a 4-day DRY FAST that you can join in, even for a day! – with support from us – Breathwork at our home on Monday and Wednesday evenings – April 15 and 17 – with a Water Ceremony Thursday evening.

As usual, this Easter, we are holding space for a Oneness Awakening – Contemplations, with Initiation, for the Quieting of the Mind – April 19th to the 21st.

And the Cacao Journey on April 27th – shaping up to be a Powerful Portal.

Throughout all of this I’m tweaking our website – so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call, email or text.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend