A massive DESIRE to wake UP…

Kathie Scott

October 1, 2019

A massive DESIRE to wake UP…
Newsletter ~ January 31, 2019

We have put the pedal to floor.  Feeling our eyes  w i d e n i n g  while trying to ignore peripheral vision, just in case we get caught looking for a glimpse of the Nothingness.  We know it’s there!

With know our Awareness has been nurtured through a union of ALL of our tools – and what a year we’re going to have – blending Breathwork, Dyads, Advanced Energy Healing Techniques, A Course in Miracles, Golden Age Movement and the Gene Keys. We are aiming high here!

DO join us for SOMETHING!  It truly WORKS. And Life DOES get easier to LIVE the more you give yourself the chance to clear thoughts and feelings that just might not belong with you any more!

One of our favorite tools is the Gene Keys.  Fits so well with everything!  Found a very cool site that gives you a snapshot of yourself – and engages you in CONTEMPLATION of the Keys of your Path; a process that grows Awareness – www.gameoflife.nyc 

For example, to see how Gene Keys have been illuminating MY life – here’s a summary of my “Radiance”  – Key#58, of BLISS-Vitality-Dissatisfaction, in the following paragraph:

“Unless you are drawn into a deep spiritual inquiry into your own nature, you will always feel happiest when you are on the move. You are the kind of person who finds rest when you are being of service to others. It doesn’t matter if you cannot switch off your motor. Your joy involves seeing an improvement in the lives of others, so everything you do in this direction will bring you what you are seeking. If you feel dissatisfied with how things are in the current moment, allow the sensations to inform you without blaming or complaining. (My Shadow of Dissatisfaction) If you feel ready to look into your deepest nature, you will need to ask yourself repeatedly: why you are trying to help others so much? You will discover that it is because you yourself cannot rest within your being. This realization, though uncomfortable, will eventually propel you into a heightened awareness where you discover that the nature of your being is really absolute joyousness. (Siddhi of BLISS)”

To see the above in ACTION in my life, I’ll give you an example…

After our Breathwork at Bridge & Enrich a coupla weeks ago, in which I had the luxury of Breathing myself, I had some challenging FEELINGS coming through later that evening…

And instead of PROJECTING the anxiety and fear these challenging feelings generated OUTWARDS onto someone (Paul) I was able to ALLOW a SENSE MEMORY of another time when I had these same feelings…and contemplate, rather than react.

So through the process of the Breathwork that day – plus all of the other processes for Awakening into REALITY – there was a floaty-ness, like being in a holographic puzzle, watching pieces of life float around, drifting towards each other, and away from each other.

And this came from the WORK, which GAVE me the TIME and SPACE in which to respond freshly – so I actually HAD TIME to FEEL and CONTEMPLATE on my feelings…like this:

“Hey, I remember this feeling”…. “what was happening when I last had this feeling?”… “what was I thinking that created this feeling?” “what did I do with these thoughts?”… “how did it turn out?”… “so, despite not responding well then, I can realize now, in hindsight, that I’m going to be okay and that everything is going to be alright.”… “in fact, if I remember correctly, things turned out very well, eventually”… “even though I was freaking out – it didn’t stop it all from working out”…

So I have a CHOICE now, to have a NEW response to an old FEELING that used to scare me.  Its just an old memory of a moment when I was afraid something wasn’t going to work out.  And I can LET THAT FEELING TRANSFORM and not repeat that pattern any more.

I can TRUST that all is well no matter what I THINK and how my thoughts make me FEEL. AND I can start creating a more peaceful NOW by responding with greater Awareness and create a NEW TODAY….and a new tomorrow too!

Perhaps this is your way too, but I USED to think I had to DO something about where the floaty pieces of life WENT – now I can feel RELIEF and TRUST when I remember how well things went before – many other times! – WITHOUT my manipulations – and that I can have a new Awareness and BREATHE NEW LIFE into an old story.

We’re finding our ability to grow this Awareness is coming out of a massive desire TO DO SO, which we got from the gradual Awareness of – and our growing discomfort at – NOT doing so, which in turn brought MORE opportunity for Awareness!  

And we grew our Awareness with a plethora of processes that compound the effects of each other. Taken alone, any one of them is great! Altogether, its Jedi Training!

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Love, Peace and Plenty.

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend