The Blessing of Breathwork

Kathie Scott

January 13, 2019

The Blessing of Breathwork

Newsletter: February 1, 2017

Well, one of the certainties of life is change. It’s pure bliss when a change occurs that shifts our life towards the “better” and gives a reprieve from thinking. Even one moment ~ its enough to know that its how we are meant to be. Always.

A dear member of our Quantum Family Circle has released her beloved spouse back to his Creator and we know it felt too early for that journey, but we just don’t know what the whole plan is, sometimes, and we’ll see how that sits. For now, the change feels raw and rough. Our hearts ache.

No matter how prepared we are for a change, it just never seems to fully land…the impact…until it actually occurs, and we realize that nothing could ever prepare us for certain moments…no matter from how far back we see it coming.

And we are swimming in a sea of uncertainty now, as a collective family…we just have no idea what is going to happen next, right? Never have, really. But the illusion that we have has always been preserved and that is not UP any more…that illusion is DOWN and the illusion we currently have running full blast is that we do not know, and that is all we really know, and change on every level is certain!

So how do we cope with that? How do we evolve? Thrive, not just survive? Our nervous systems are not equipped to deal with this level of stress.

I will share my way of living in this world now. I feel the need to share today because for a few moments I stepped back into a very fearful place ~a place I used to LIVE in~ for a few moments today, and the CONTRAST was breath-TAKING!

For me, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back… terrible saying, but it clearly wasn’t the last straw that broke the camel’s back, but the accumulation of all the stress preceding that last straw. Anyway, the straw landed.

Did I hear the straw land? No. All I knew was that I was in a confined space unable to breathe. Not literally, of course. Just trapped by my own thoughts – held in a place that is small and airless and optionless.

How much had actually changed? Nothing significant had happened. Only my thoughts, and the thoughts they thought up, were creating this sensation that I was deeming a REAL thing that could hurt me.

It was clear that nothing had happened, yet I had changed the landscape of my whole life – I had darkened my entire world, dimmed my sun, stifled growth in every direction – with my thoughts alone. Sure that the evidence would show up in my outer reality soon, I started imagining the way it could go – I call it “internal catastrophizing” – and then all the “work” I had done created a new thought…one that didn’t fit into the catastrophe….and that was that…

“This is the time to ground myself with my breath.”

It was so simple – to get back to thriving ~ on air!

With my breath, I could find some space to ask myself if what I feared was a CERTAINTY. And if not, could I entertain a movie, of a situation, in which the most AMAZING LOVE is felt and the best way anything could go was the way it DOES go! And that I choose THAT as my default program, not the catastrophe?

A Course in Miracles says “Choose again” ~ that to “sin” is simply an archer’s term meaning to “miss the mark” and that we don’t abandon hope when we miss the mark, we just take aim, again; we choose again. With the help of a calming breath, we access a new perception – a change of perception IS a miracle – and rewrite the movie of the mind. And in THIS movie, thrive! BE able. You ARE given permission. YOU are en-COUR-aged. You are applauded. You are loved. You are free to love.

That’s the way I’ve changed my world. Still a work in progress. Especially some days when it seems the fear-o-metre has been cranked UP. BUT, I’ve never gone back forever. Never gone back, so deep, as from where I came. And the beauty is, I’ve never forgotten the way out!

In 2016, we rode the 365 Lessons of ACIM and this year we feel a keen integration of that reprogramming of the mind.

Please read David Hawkins Eye of the I excerpt closely, and notice that if you breathe mindfully through the reading, that you can start to unravel the tension in your heart…

“Once the pressure of time ceases, it is recognized to have been perhaps one of the primary sources of distress that accompanies the human condition.

The sense of time creates stress, pressure, anxiety, fear and endless disgruntlement in a myriad of ways.

The ‘time stress’ accompanies all activities and pursuits, creating the illusion of sequence and cause.

Every human action is couched in an unspoken pressure cooker of time and the mind constantly calculates how much ‘time’ can be ‘spent’ at every activity.

This results in panic, fear or worry as well as guilt, shame and anger. ‘Too much time spent on this. Not enough time spent on that.

There are many things we would like to do but we don’t have enough time. Time will run out.’

Until the sensation of time stops, one does not have any possibility of knowing what real freedom or peace feels like.”

And so watch time with your breath. GIVE your SELF time.

When your final exhalation comes, gift this, your essence, back to the world. We came with nothing, not even the breath, and we leave that behind, along with the gift of our life ~ our thoughts ~ and how they formed a world; created a life, to share.

And so the changes come and go. We love and we let go. We give and we let go. We live and we let go.

Love & Blessings,