The Pressure of Time

Kathie Scott

January 14, 2019

The Pressure of Time

Newsletter:  October 19, 2016

Around we go…ChristMass just around the corner… so fast! Yet, not even Hallows Eve! The wheels go round and round and round, just a teeny bit quicker, it seems, every year…

How are you feeeling?

What we’re seeing in ourselves, and those around us, is rapid transit!

Who stepped on the gas?! Time is flying by! Who ordered all the personal work? Rapid transit indeed!

Yet it IS most welcome, and considering the wildly ridiculous, and at times impossibly tragic, upheaval all around, there’s a new scent, a fresh breeze with something brand spankin’ on it and there’s a trust too, that hasn’t been felt in a very long time. Not easy to put a finger on, but definitely a happening.

We continue to weave our way through A Course In Miracles ~ every day another staggeringly beautiful ode to our souls. Laying out a plan for us, so we can see with new eyes, shift our perception; a miracle!

Yes, to change does seem like a miracle sometimes. And then, when the moment is ripened to absolute perfection, change is simple bliss. How’s that?!

As we go into the Christmas season, something to bring peace to heart and soul…

ACIM Lesson 286 – “The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.” “My heart is quiet and my mind at rest.”

In Sarah’s Reflections from’s online newsletter, it is proposed that peace eludes us because of our investment in time, as outlined below by David Hawkins in Eye of the I:

“Once the pressure of time ceases, it is recognized to have been perhaps one of the primary sources of distress that accompanies the human condition.

The sense of time creates stress, pressure, anxiety, fear and endless disgruntlement in a myriad of ways.

The ‘time stress’ accompanies all activities and pursuits, creating the illusion of sequence and cause.

Every human action is couched in an unspoken pressure cooker of time and the mind constantly calculates how much ‘time’ can be ‘spent’ at every activity.

This results in panic, fear or worry as well as guilt, shame and anger. ‘Too much time spent on this. Not enough time spent on that.

There are many things we would like to do but we don’t have enough time. Time will run out.’

Until the sensation of time stops, one does not have any possibility of knowing what real freedom or peace feels like.”

So as the season to be jolly rapidly approaches, we have made a promise to ourselves to “take time” and to “spend our time wisely” ~ with each other, as kindly as we can be, in every moment. As Heaven is only IN each and every moment, none other.
Love and Blessings,