Are We Out Of Integrity?

Kathie Scott

June 27, 2018

Are We Out Of Integrity?

Are We Out Of Integrity?

by Wed Jun 27 2018

This Morning

This morning I read an article on Cultural Appropriation. An appropriate opinion from the writer in many ways, was that what white people are freely using in their everyday lives are objects First Nations people could have been killed for using, not all that long ago. And what a macabre thing that is.

And I do agree. I do.

And as we move forward as “spiritual warriors” in our Life’s Work of Awakening to who we truly are and to help others know this too, we too use the tools of the Indigenous. We hope with respect.

But I’d like to make one point that has been in my awareness for a few years now – since I found out more about the history of my family that came here from “Great” Britain.

As I try to make sense of this, I see that in some ways, we white people were the FIRST culture to be stripped of their “ways”. We were sent all over the world as slaves for the elite. My grandmother, Florence Howe, came to Canada as an indentured child – at 8 years of age she was shipped to Southern Ontario from England and placed in a home as a housemaid. She nearly died from the labour she was expected to do each day and the poor conditions she lived in, compared to her “hosting” family. As the story goes, she was saved by an intervention. Another white woman in the community confronted my grandmother’s owner at church and said “You’re going to kill that child. I’m taking her from you.” We aren’t certain, but we think that was my great-grandmother, a gifted healer, who fled England alone in a ship with her 5 children before they could be taken from her by the government when her husband was killed in an accident. 

My great-grandmother

My great-grandmother married a widow, Mr. Mallosh, and blended their families. There’s an amazing picture of this huge family of people who are clearly loved, and loving being part of their community. You can see they feel safe. My great-grandmother’s obituary described her as a “Mother of Israel” – a beloved healer who never turned anyone away and who did so much for the “children from England”.

My great-grandmother clearly still held some of her “ways” and died while making a mustard poultice for a neighbor.

On my mother’s side, all we know is my grandfather’s mother was Native American and nothing else about her. We can only imagine what that was like for her.

And when the massive enslavement of the white people was complete, we were groomed to do this in turn to the rest of the people of the world, for the benefit of the elite. By then, we were giving our power away so massively, that our “white” culture was gone too. Lost. We too, are just rediscovering who we were, before the great plan to control every person on this planet was rolled out.

And as this massive machine spread around the world, and culture after culture faced demolition and enslavement, a fire grew. We are the generation that is fanning the flames that, time after time, have almost gone out.

And since we were the first to face this enslavement, and the race used to manage and maintain it, we are obviously, due to our elevated position as the enforcers of the plan, the race with the most freedom, and we are using that now, to free us all

And yes, it is messy…

And yes, it is messy. There are missteps. And we are stupid in our efforts at times. But we truly are trying to free humanity.

And so, we appropriate the tools of the more recently indentured cultures. Partially, because we have lost, or are dumb, to our own.

This is coming up so strongly now as we “go to market” with our Cacao Journey Meditation.

We created this meditation from our experiences as we traveled this path of Awakening – we went to the Oneness University in India, which is where the foundation came from….a 5,000-year old meditation called Ananda Mandala.

We added to it, the Quantum Touch 12-Chakra concept as “downloaded” by a medium who the QT creator, Richard Gordon, studied with.

We take Cacao – pure, raw chocolate that is melted just enough to drink – from the South Americas, where we understand the Mayans used cacao for shifting consciousness, and as a superfood that did so much more than you can imagine a drink ever could.

Chocolate soon became appropriated in a way that does not honour it either – heated until its properties are lost, filled with sugar, processed beyond repair, we give it to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because cacao is known to be a superfood that opens the heart! It is filled with chemicals that mix with the body in such a way that the heart opens and the mind relaxes and a true peace is possible with its assistance. That is not what is in a box or a bar, trust me. Another appropriation that goes largely unrecognized.

We blend ancient sounds – Solfeggio and Fibonacci tones that were deliberately eliminated from our repertoire as they brought states of consciousness that didn’t assist in our subjugation. Didgeridoo and Native American chanting, to honour the people who knew how to live an Awakened Life, before we tried to completely destroy their ways. They are present and honoured and they create a field for us to travel within.

And as the “police” on the planet, the white people have the freedom to do more now to assist in the Great Shift. We are being clamped down on too, but we are still running through the matrix, like a leaking tap that just can’t be turned off.

And in our eagerness, in the loss of our own ways, and in our ignorance, we appropriate other cultures. Don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t put another savior on a cross. Work with us.

And in our eagerness, in the loss of our own ways, and in our ignorance, we all don’t always see how we’re insulting those we’re trying to save. Including ourselves.

We can do better than this. The reclamation of humanity is a process. We can all see we’re trying to restore, not destroy and dishonour. And the deepest program, the financial greed we’ve been groomed for, is still in our psyches, and is bleeding out all over this beautiful mission of humankind.

And so we, our Quantum Family, are holding this very carefully. Looking for our piece in it. It has been 6 years since we first started pulling the pieces of this meditation together. And people have just stopped asking when the meditation will be available for purchase for private use. Because we needed to come to this place – this place of honouring. This place of acknowledging we too, we white people, we too have been enslaved and our freedom cannot be at the cost of another culture’s, another people’s, dignity.

And we see that all the people of this world will need to stop drawing boundaries of mine and yours. And we see that all the people of this world will do that, when we bow to one another in acknowledgment of our collective gifts, and how they will heal our collective suffering.

Thank you for gathering with us as we effort imperfectly along this path.

Thank you for your patience as we reach our integrity.

Thank you for listening and truly hearing.



Love & Blessings,
Kathie Scott
Just Another Mama
Vancouver, Canada 

Kathie Scott

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