A massive DESIRE to wake UP…

A massive DESIRE to wake UP…

Newsletter ~ January 31, 2019

We have put the pedal to floor.  Feeling our eyes  w i d e n i n g  while trying to ignore peripheral vision, just in case we get caught looking for a glimpse of the Nothingness.  We know it’s there!

With know our Awareness has been nurtured through a union of ALL of our tools – and what a year we’re going to have – blending Breathwork, Dyads, Advanced Energy Healing Techniques, A Course in Miracles, Golden Age Movement and the Gene Keys. We are aiming high here!

DO join us for SOMETHING!  It truly WORKS. And Life DOES get easier to LIVE the more you give yourself the chance to clear thoughts and feelings that just might not belong with you any more!

One of our favorite tools is the Gene Keys.  Fits so well with everything!  Found a very cool site that gives you a snapshot of yourself – and engages you in CONTEMPLATION of the Keys of your Path; a process that grows Awareness – www.gameoflife.nyc 

For example, to see how Gene Keys have been illuminating MY life – here’s a summary of my “Radiance”  – Key#58, of BLISS-Vitality-Dissatisfaction, in the following paragraph:

“Unless you are drawn into a deep spiritual inquiry into your own nature, you will always feel happiest when you are on the move. You are the kind of person who finds rest when you are being of service to others. It doesn’t matter if you cannot switch off your motor. Your joy involves seeing an improvement in the lives of others, so everything you do in this direction will bring you what you are seeking. If you feel dissatisfied with how things are in the current moment, allow the sensations to inform you without blaming or complaining. (My Shadow of Dissatisfaction) If you feel ready to look into your deepest nature, you will need to ask yourself repeatedly: why you are trying to help others so much? You will discover that it is because you yourself cannot rest within your being. This realization, though uncomfortable, will eventually propel you into a heightened awareness where you discover that the nature of your being is really absolute joyousness. (Siddhi of BLISS)”

To see the above in ACTION in my life, I’ll give you an example…

After our Breathwork at Bridge & Enrich a coupla weeks ago, in which I had the luxury of Breathing myself, I had some challenging FEELINGS coming through later that evening…

And instead of PROJECTING the anxiety and fear these challenging feelings generated OUTWARDS onto someone (Paul) I was able to ALLOW a SENSE MEMORY of another time when I had these same feelings…and contemplate, rather than react.

So through the process of the Breathwork that day – plus all of the other processes for Awakening into REALITY – there was a floaty-ness, like being in a holographic puzzle, watching pieces of life float around, drifting towards each other, and away from each other.

And this came from the WORK, which GAVE me the TIME and SPACE in which to respond freshly – so I actually HAD TIME to FEEL and CONTEMPLATE on my feelings…like this:

“Hey, I remember this feeling”…. “what was happening when I last had this feeling?”… “what was I thinking that created this feeling?” “what did I do with these thoughts?”… “how did it turn out?”… “so, despite not responding well then, I can realize now, in hindsight, that I’m going to be okay and that everything is going to be alright.”… “in fact, if I remember correctly, things turned out very well, eventually”… “even though I was freaking out – it didn’t stop it all from working out”…

So I have a CHOICE now, to have a NEW response to an old FEELING that used to scare me.  Its just an old memory of a moment when I was afraid something wasn’t going to work out.  And I can LET THAT FEELING TRANSFORM and not repeat that pattern any more.

I can TRUST that all is well no matter what I THINK and how my thoughts make me FEEL. AND I can start creating a more peaceful NOW by responding with greater Awareness and create a NEW TODAY….and a new tomorrow too!

Perhaps this is your way too, but I USED to think I had to DO something about where the floaty pieces of life WENT – now I can feel RELIEF and TRUST when I remember how well things went before – many other times! – WITHOUT my manipulations – and that I can have a new Awareness and BREATHE NEW LIFE into an old story.

We’re finding our ability to grow this Awareness is coming out of a massive desire TO DO SO, which we got from the gradual Awareness of – and our growing discomfort at – NOT doing so, which in turn brought MORE opportunity for Awareness!  

And we grew our Awareness with a plethora of processes that compound the effects of each other. Taken alone, any one of them is great! Altogether, its Jedi Training!

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Love, Peace and Plenty.

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
Journey to Your Heart…

Journey to Your Heart…

Newsletter ~ February 8, 2019

We have a Cacao Journey tomorrow night – the 9th of February – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Come Breathe your Heart Open with us!

It seems like forever since Paul and I gave a Valentine’s Day card to each other…we actually transitioned into NOT giving cards for ANY occasion by going into the card section of a store and reading cards out loud to each other… we felt completely satisfied – and a little bit kooky – which I think made up the greater portion of our satisfaction.  At times, we’d forget we were in a store and get really loud.  Lotsa fun.  Card-giving addiction GONE.

As we whip around the year, passing the goal posts that have been created to keep us all feeling like we’re all in this together, it can seem beyond ridiculous what we’re being asked to celebrate and how it’s being packaged.

The latest is the sign up at CHOICES grocery store “Happy New LUNAR Year” – what is THAT about?  Hey, I’m all for recognizing the ACTUAL CALENDAR that we were talked out of by the Catholic Church and still recognize for settling on a date for Easter (Really?! Yup.) but it took a little while for it to LAND, that its what I’ve always known as the CHINESE New Year that is NOW being repackaged as the LUNAR New Year!  

I guess its the equivalent of Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas.

I feel like I’m being manipulated into something, but I’m not sure what…for the record, I’m sticking with Merry ChristMass. And Gung Hay Fat Choy to all my Chinese friends – I wish you great happiness and prosperity in the coming year!

And just to make it extra interesting, the Gene Key in Illumination this week is the 49th – The Key of Rebirth – Changing the World from the INside Out!

Leaving the Shadow of Reaction, we reach for the Siddhi of Rebirth through the Gift of REVOLUTION.

Is it just me and my kooky friend who thinks something BIG is happening?

And its SO big we can’t even SEE it yet?

Like the fish who was asked “How’s the water?” and replied… “Water? What’s water?” (Yes, there are talking fish now.)

The 49th Gene Key informs us that “We simply cannot comprehend the vastness of the change that’s coming.”

Aren’t there countless, overt and subtle, signs of bigchange just about everywhere?

Like, WHO made the decision to stop saying Happy Chinese New Year and say Happy Lunar New Year instead?  And WHY are we all, mostly, not really noticing?  Or did I miss the email or post on it? Am I ignorant or numb?

And where is this stream of thought going?

Well, I personally feel like the rules are all getting changed and I’m not getting a fair chance at having a voice.  Maybe we’re just too many people now, and need to accept decisions will be made FOR us all. Or we’re being convinced of this and it may seem harmless at this point, but…will I remember later exactly when and where it was that I gave my voice away?

I’m definitely in REACTION!

But certainly not suggesting a revolution here…except within.

I think it helps to understand that REACTION is the manifestation of the ability to emotionally cut yourself off from others.

That reaction is JUSTIFIED because you can see yourself as separate from the behavior and, therefore, the person too, who you are displeased with because they are threatening your “safety” in some way – socially, financially or in your relationships.   It’s war, really.

So you can see this is UP on the planet, right?  War. Revolution.  And what about Rebirth?

In the vastness of humanity, in a world made small with technology, the differences we have will need to be celebrated, not homogenized.

And since changing the world is way too big an undertaking, we are relieved to know it is just our Selves we have a chance at changing.

The 49th Gene Key suggests that as we sicken of the suffering, fewer and fewer humans will be victim to emotional REACTION and men and women of Peace will Birth a New World of rapidly decreasing violence.  Just imagine….it isn’t hard to do.

May we soon live in a world where the frequency is beyond fear, and there is goodwill towards all creatures.  Hallelujah to the Evolution Revolution!

So, do what you’ve gotta do, but do do something.  Contribute to the vibe – put some EFFORT into making a CONSCIOUS choice to upgrade the personal vibe.  Even a little thing, like NOT giving the snappy, slightly stingy, retort.  Amusing? At what cost?  Painful?  Ripples out, right?  Or goes IN and does silent damage.  Kindness is key in this new world.

Be an Agent of LOVE, Baby!  After all, its Valentine’s Day next week!  We dare you to bring your friend or sweetie to the store and read cards to each other.  Its such good fun!

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Love, Peace and Plenty.

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
SO much Magnificence…

SO much Magnificence…

Newsletter ~ March 9, 2019

Wow. We are up to our Third Eyes with stuff.  Oh my.  SUCH an emotional time – taxes, Spring-like attempts at surging ahead, Mercury retrograde (yes, that is too a real thing!) and the plain ol’ kookiness on the planet these daze.

And it is no surprise that the Gene Key in illumination right now (March 8 to 13) is the 22nd.  The 22nd GK is perhaps the BIGGEST of them all!  And even if it isn’t one of “your” Keys, when any Key is in illumination, we are ALL under its influence!

So direction and advice from the 22nd Key of GRACE is this: Graciousness means to act with grace and consideration in everything. Tall order.  Gonna need some help.

And, your Awakening to the sweetness of Life, that is always available to you, will come through seeing, feeling and expressing ALL of your Self…leaving nothing out.

Transparency – with yourself and others and God. The Divine. Life Force Energy. Grace.

And also, that Awakening is a direct intervention of Divinity coming down into your body.

Grace again.

To help us out further, here’s a peek at the 22nd from Gene Keys author, Richard Rudd:

“When our Soul shines out, we begin to let go of the need for pleasure. We become grateful for whatever life brings. When we feel grateful TO Life, it’s because we’re so aware of death.  And so our priorities are transformed.

As we let go of pleasure, we also let go of pain. The two are inextricably linked. It’s not as though they go away.  They don’t – their delightful musical fugue continues, but we don’t shuttle desperately from one to the other.

We become accepting of life and its rhythms.

No longer a victim of the pleasure/pain cycle, we rise up and our frequency lifts us.

We feel equanimous ~ calm and composed.

To live with equanimity is to live life lightly, but at the same time deeply.

It means we pay attention, and we do it all with an “unquenchable inner calm.”
How do we get an “unquenchable inner calm”? The 22nd GK is a key for that door!
The 22nd GK directs you to involve yourself in the “magical” process of invocation-  in which you directly invite a higher presence into your life.  In a prayerful, reverent manner – in the spirit of nakedness.  Transparency.  With God, or your “Higher Power”.

And we wouldn’t even THINK to go there WITHOUT all this SUFFERING.  And, the human heart LONGS for this connection!  In fact, its what we live for – it DRIVES our whole life!

The 22nd Gene Key is about INVOLUTION – bringing God to the body.  And if you really want to think about something, the 55th Gene Key is about EVOLUTION – bringing the body to God.  Juicy, right? Tantra is really THIS. Universal Love.  Ecstasy.  Bliss.

Stillness.  The triumph of the Soul.

At the Oneness University, they describe every manner of suffering, get you to agree that you DO suffer in all these ways, then say “And it makes you tired, doesn’t it?”

What?!!!  THAT’S what’s exhausting me?  My MIND?  All that scurrying around in there, avoiding the transparency with self, others and God, that the 22nd GK says is a MUST – THAT is what is making me mad and sad and crazy?!!  IF I even admit I am those things!!!

And then the Dasas (guides) at Oneness U will tell you that your ONLY hope is Grace ~ through a personal relationship with YOUR Divine, and that chatting up that energy and getting REALLY FRIENDLY with that One, is how you invoke Grace.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend
Existence, Consciousness, Bliss…

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss…

Newsletter ~ March 19, 2019

Wow, finding the Gene Keys fascinating for such CLARITY on the true GRIT of the human condition!

This week, the Key in Illumination is the 25th, and with my birthday on Saturday, it’s my Life’s Work…

Universal Love – through the Gift of Acceptance – from the Shadow of Constriction.

Oh boy. Acceptance. With the dilemma of ANXIETY.

Going through all the material on the 25th to get a sense of what to say about this Key, ACCEPTANCE is showing itself to be a MAJOR spiritual passage.

For EveryOne. All HUMANING pivots around Life through Acceptance. Or lack of it.

The difficulty of TRUE acceptance – of yourself, and others – relies on REAL OPTIMISM. Which we crowd out of our awareness with the human dilemma of ANXIETY. Anxiety IS. We have it in our DNA. It drives our existence here. We have to get DOWN with it!

It’s why we follow the BREATH – to release the mind from the GRIP of THINKING and to give the body SPACE WITHIN for some relief from the Constriction of Anxiety.

The name for the 25th Gene Key in the iChing is INNOCENCE and the TRUST required to see our Selves and Others as Innocent – when we would rather contract into humanity’s ingrained, yet TAUGHT, way of dealing with our anxiety through SUSPICION of each other – is a massive Journey Home.

It is the Journey of the GREATEST optimism of all – UNIVERSAL LOVE – and the Gift that will bring us to our only authentic goal, of True Enlightenment.

To BEcome Enlightened is to RETURN to the Innocence we also arrived here with – it’s the journey from Gautama to Buddha, from Jesus to Christ. And we have no choice but to navigate this Journey with the MIND. Until we don’t have to any more…

And the mind’s “best response” to anxiety is Constriction. We stop BREATHING deeply!

And we know that the opposite of Constriction is GROWTH.

So we GROW when we bring ANY understanding of our innate nature of KINDNESS and LOVE into the present moment when we are anxious and fearful.

Through efforts at UNDERSTANDING, we finally learn to ACCEPT what is.

A Gift of Grace.

And in the growth we can find the SPACE to let everyone off the hook. Even YOU!

And through this ACCEPTANCE, understanding becomes a part of the fabric of our BEingness here.

We get SPACE in places previously constricted – chest too tight for a deep breath? so many thoughts you can’t THINK? – that opens us up for something NEW to MOVE IN!

Making way for the dissolution of anxiety and the constriction it brings!

But we have a dilemma – we want out of the ANXIETY of the present moment right NOW! We’re riddled with the DESIRE for things to be DIFFERENT! ALL THE TIME!

And we SUFFER! And FLEEING from suffering just creates even more suffering!

IF we ACCEPT the suffering with ANY new Awareness or Curiosity, we ROB the mind of the material to PROLONG or CREATE another suffering! If we don’t participate with the mind, by rejecting or running away, the mind is FORCED to follow US! We forget this!

And so we are asked to let in TRUE LOVE! To FLOW with Eternity! And with the 25th’s Programming Partner, the 46th, we can reach the Realms of Delight and Ecstasy!

By just breathing and letting what IS, BE. Tat tvam asi ~ I AM THAT. It is what it IS.

KNOW you ARE whatever you are thinking and feeling. When we take the CONFLICT of resisting WHAT IS out of the equation, and say to our wound “I accept you” and give it the space to EXIST, it can actually START to change! This is how to bring change IN.

Even FEAR wants to be acknowledged. “See me!” says Fear. You know, there’s nothing to be afraid of EXCEPT Fear ITSELF! Ever heard that one before?! Right?!

Whatever IS, LOVE IT! Its Ground Zero. Baseline. Everything is always perfect. Even that shit sandwich. The fear and grief and terror of resisting LIFE. Let it roll over you.

THAT is Earth Ecstasy. Nothing to “get hung” about. Strawberry fields forever. He/She loves you, ya ya ya ya. ALL of Existence loves you. Make love with Existence.

The Return to Innocence is our birthright. The flowering of your heart SUPPORTS the unfolding of your Unique Potential, the Realization of your Divine Nature. Trust this.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,
Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend

Quantum Consciousness…

Quantum Consciousness…

Newsletter – April 9, 2019

So, what is Quantum Consciousness?

An interesting concept explored in the Gene Keys is the opening of the heart through the belly – in Ancient Cultures, the Solar Plexus was the highly revered Portal to the Cosmos – and our gut is now taking on a mutation through the bacteria in it – and we are returning to this Cosmic Awareness. 

This DNA shift through the awareness of our gut’s bacteria is an innate transformation where our Solar Plexus, the Manipura Chakra, INFORMS the Heart, the ANAHATA Chakra, thus bringing us into greater RESONANCE with the Quantum Field of Light and Love.  Gradually.  Completely.  Permanently.  Eventually.

GUT INSTINCT – mutating into Awareness of All That IS – through our Heart’s Field.

We are going from EATING TOO MUCH – desperately trying to “fill up” – to nourishing ourselves with Awareness, thereby deepening this opening of our Hearts.  Like when falling in love, or excited about something NEW, we forget about filling any hunger in our gut because our HEART IS FULL.  Our Pranic Engine is running smoothly…

And since we are ELECTRICAL BEings, and our heart is a massive electrical field – we vibrate! – we are animated with the electrical Resonance of LOVE – and we can actually LIVE on LOVE.  We don’t really notice and nurture that, until we’re dying for love…

And so, we are gradually FALLING IN LOVE with EVERYTHING. Loving ALL of Life – the seemingly good and the seemingly bad – massive acceptance of WHAT IS.

Our hopes rest, really – to survive as a collective, as a “human” consciousness – in this mutation.  This IS stepping into the Quantum Field of Love – Quantum Consciousness – for a Quantum Life!

And one thing we are constantly DIGESTING is our THOUGHTS.  I suggest you listen to Alan Watts’ YouTube –> What Happens If You Stop Talking To Yourself All The Time.

In this contemplation, Alan Watts suggests we STOP thinking COMPULSIVELY – and so, also talking to ourselves endlessly.

You see, if we could THINK WITHOUT FEAR – in the forms of anger, righteousness, lack, envy – then we would find we have very few thoughts at all!  And the ones that we do, would be loving and supportive – without “fear of the future” embedded in each and every one – and our thoughts would be seen as just noises; little things making sounds.  And we then become the “thoughtless” self the world is waiting for!

Watts also advises we BREATHE UNconsciously – let the breath breathe as it wishes! And as we become aware enough to WATCH the breath, we see that there is voluntary and involuntary breathing, and these two types of breath are connected to thought.  This is how Breath can be used as therapy.

In the Gene Key of Ecstasy, the Shadow is Seriousness – I have this in my Evolution and it is the companion to Universal Love, my Life’s Work, which has the Shadow of Constriction – do you see how Seriousness and Constriction go together? 

Here’s a reflection from the GAME of LIFE to illustrate the Power of that Thought – “Seriousness is a freezing of NATURAL LIFE VITALITY by worrying about the future or desiring life to be different than it is in the present moment.  What if pain, joy, grief, and bliss could ALL be welcomed to flow through the wildness of your open human heart?”

Yes….what if…

So, perhaps you can see how Paul and I have arrived at our Practice – a compilation of all of the above and more – because WE need it!  AND WANT IT!  And it is no simple task, to weave this altogether, with the goal of an open heart and a coherent self. 

And so, we BREATHE.  This Saturday we are at Bridge & Enrich from 11am-3pm; join us.

And we FAST – this Sunday night we will begin a reset; a 4-day DRY FAST that you can join in, even for a day! – with support from us – Breathwork at our home on Monday and Wednesday evenings – April 15 and 17 – with a Water Ceremony Thursday evening.

As usual, this Easter, we are holding space for a Oneness Awakening – Contemplations, with Initiation, for the Quieting of the Mind – April 19th to the 21st.

And the Cacao Journey on April 27th – shaping up to be a Powerful Portal.

Throughout all of this I’m tweaking our website – so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call, email or text.

May All Your Thoughts Nourish Your Life In Peace and Plenty!

Love & Blessings from us Both,

Breathe Deeply, Dear Friend